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Treasure Hunt


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So in summer, my coconut oil barrel is semi-liquid.  There is soft stuff on top with some liquid portions too.  We scoop out the oil with a big scoop, which we leave resting on top the solid portion.


The weather changed yesterday, and the workshop got significantly colder.  When I went to scoop out the coconut oil for today's batch of OMH soap...ummm, where is that stupid scoop??


Yup, the coconut is solid now, and the #$%&! thing sank to the bottom of the barrel before the oil hardened up.  Had lots of messy fun digging that out.  You know what both of my assistants hate the most?  Weighing out the greasy soaping oils.  They'd rather clean the toilet than get all greasy.  LOL


To top it off, one of my large soap mold liners went missing.  I scoured that stupid workshop for nearly 1/4 hour before finding it had fallen down behind the workbench and was wedged up against the wall.  *sigh*


If I have to search for one more thing today, I'm hanging up my apron.

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LOL @ TT. 


I know these problems I had are my own fault.  I'm human. 


I wasn't even slated to make soap today.  DH sold some soap to a co-worker and I didn't have enough in stock, so I made an emergency batch.  :)  I don't normally run out of stock -- at least I try hard not to -- but it's been a weird year soap-wise.

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