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Jar size advice

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Hi, I am currently testing my candles in a wide mouth 16oz mason jar that is 3 inches wide with straight sides. I do double wick these jars, I'd say the throw is pretty good fills up my living room not crazy strong but pretty good,  I am thinking of trying some 16 ounce country comfort jars that have a 4 inch width.  Does anyone who has this jar or know if 1 inch would make that big of difference in throw? I can get mason jars locally I would have to order the country comfort jars and with shipping will be $1.50 more than my mason jar. So just trying to decide if I should take the plunge and try them.

Also I had been trying the 16oz square mason jar but it seems like with it being tappered and the top its like soot gets trapped on the sides and causes rings around the bottom, maybe its overwicked but I thought it burned well until I started seeing the rings. I also double wick these. So maybe that would happen with the comfort jars? Any thoughts are much appreciated. I posted a pic to show what I am talking about. Does using straight sided jar resolve this issue? 



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I'm trying to make out what jar that is in the picture?  Is that a wide mouth?

Can you show a better picture and not quite so close up?


First off double wicking these mason jars I would not do it.  That is the main reason you are getting soot....That jar I believe is overwicked..... You can successfully wick that jar (with 464 that I use)  that jar will take 1 cd 18....Lately with all the problems soy is doing with us most everyone is going down in size in wicks....me included.  You might be able to do that with 1 cd16.  Jars with shoulders like the mason do trap in the heat.


The country comfort I use 2 cd 4's or 5's....Anything bigger than like a 3 1/2" jar you really need 2 wicks.



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