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  1. Well just got done making my first ornaments, and it worked great! Now to test longevity. Anybody have tips on how to melt them without getting spikey edges that you have to trim?
  2. I will be getting them today. So can you give me tips? I have made aroma beads in sachets but not ornaments. From what I have read in this post is to put them 1 cup to one ounce fragrance oil until soaked up then add the the ornament with a nail for the hole. Fill about 3/4 or to the top and bake at 350 for 10 minutes give or take.
  3. Ok great thanks for the tip! When I try I will post my results!
  4. I ordered the PlasticPellets4Fun premium ones. In the past the others I bought the scent wouldn’t last long. Has the scent been lasting for you?
  5. Hi! After reading this post. Has anyone made any since they got them? Did they work ok? I just placed an order, I haven’t had much luck with aroma beads from other companies in the past, so this is my last try.
  6. I mix the 650 and 450 1/2 and 1/2 with great results!!
  7. Ok thanks for the reply! I actually found some jars just like the country comfort jar at Hobby Lobby today so I can at least try it first.
  8. Hi, I am currently testing my candles in a wide mouth 16oz mason jar that is 3 inches wide with straight sides. I do double wick these jars, I'd say the throw is pretty good fills up my living room not crazy strong but pretty good, I am thinking of trying some 16 ounce country comfort jars that have a 4 inch width. Does anyone who has this jar or know if 1 inch would make that big of difference in throw? I can get mason jars locally I would have to order the country comfort jars and with shipping will be $1.50 more than my mason jar. So just trying to decide if I should take the plunge and try them. Also I had been trying the 16oz square mason jar but it seems like with it being tappered and the top its like soot gets trapped on the sides and causes rings around the bottom, maybe its overwicked but I thought it burned well until I started seeing the rings. I also double wick these. So maybe that would happen with the comfort jars? Any thoughts are much appreciated. I posted a pic to show what I am talking about. Does using straight sided jar resolve this issue?
  9. I use pro blend 650 from flaming candle company. This is a great place for supplies they have the cheapest shipping I could find. They use a lot of fixed rate priority shipping. You can get 10 pounds of granular pb wax shipped for around $32, you can also get five 8 ounce bottles of fragrance shipped in a flat rate padded envelope. They have the best oil prices around and great quality. Also great customer service. They helped me out by telling me to place more than one order if ordering wax and other items. To order the wax separately, then order my other supplies so I can take advantage of the flat rate shipping! The pb wax has a decent cold throw and excellent hot throw, it's worth a try. They also have a granular pillar wax so I am going to try to mix that into it. I'd like a stronger cold throw, but I say give it a shot it's a great wax!
  10. I just came across these on etsy and it's very interesting, was curious if anyone knows if you just use regular gel wax or if it's a special blend. When you turn the warmer off the gel just peels right out.
  11. This is interesting, so I make scent shots in the 2oz containers with lids like from Walmart and set mine on my scentsy warmer and it works just fine it takes a while for the wax to melt, and it has been on there for hours and the bottom is fine, it doesn't melt. So that is a way to do it, but just doesn't look real cute. But it's easy clean up. Which is what this is all about right? Scent throw is good, but I would rather use shallow cups as well but haven't seen any.
  12. Hi! I am looking for advice on using this wax. It's the easiest/cheapest wax for me to get through Amazon prime. I will be using pint and half pint mason jars regular or wide mouth. Looking for wick advice including wood wicks, poor temp, when they add oil etc. or just general advice on the process others use when using this wax. To me it almost seems this wax needs a larger wick because of the higher melting point? TIA Kiley
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