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Stearic Acid in Melts


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Pondering random things while sipping my morning coffee, bare with me...


...Would there be any benefit to adding stearic acid to wax melts? For example, I'm using KY Parasoy wax in clamshells. I would love to do stand alone shapes but I live in a very hot/humid area and sell at covered open-air markets so the shapes don't hold up as well as I would like; and I wouldn't trust them to ship well in the summer. Would adding stearic acid help solve that issue?


Also, my wax has a 10% fragrance load. Would stearic acid increase that? 


And and and... I read that stearic makes wax shrink when they cool. Would this make the wax pop out of a warmer plate easier?


And and and... 


...I'm out of coffee now.  😜

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I use it in my beeswax blends. It took many, many trials to find the right balance.


the stearic helps to control the melt point, melting behavior, and appearance. I actually stumbled on my perfect blend while working on another unrelated product. Do a few line blends to see how it changes the performance of your blend. My line blends start with 1%, 5%, 10%, 20%, etc . I shipped them to people I know and trust in the hot, hot desert to see how they ship and perform. 


Stearic "can" help shrink, depending on all other things in the blend. 


Not sure it will help with fragrance load. if all else in the melt is right, you should be able to use less FO, not more, and achieve excellent throw.

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I am trying out melts...I read somewhere that soy wax does not have a good hot throw.I made some and faced the same issue.we don't get blends where I live... I am planning to try out some melts with beeswax.... Do I need to use coconut oil in it too. What proportion of FO ? Does anyone have a good blend / wax melt recipe that they don't mind sharing....

thanks guys

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