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  1. I use 464 in a tin and never have to do a second pour - but in general my experience with 464 is sooooo different from most people on this forum. I think it must be my climate/altitude or something because I'm definitely not as experienced as most here.
  2. jbradshaw

    WSP June 26 20% sale

    I can't believe how reserved I just was with that sale! I needed a few things and only grabbed one to try - Vanilla Oak sounded so good.
  3. jbradshaw

    Remote Stocking Booth Experience?

    I haven't done 'remote' exactly but I have done markets where I set up, leave for days or weeks while they sell and handle everything, then come back when the market ends and take down my table/stock/whatever is left. Great experiences so far, and I have two going right now.
  4. I've only been doing this a couple years (and the first year was just as a hobby) but right now my plan is to rarely add new fragrances. I do this on the side, I'm expecting a baby, I just don't have the time/energy to put into testing many new fragrances. I'm thinking about trying to add a new container, in one or two scents I already know well, but even that feels daunting.
  5. jbradshaw

    Candle Development Process

    I've only been doing this a couple years, so I don't have too much to add but thought I'd chip in on a couple things I do. 1. I always test for HT in the same circumstances (I use my bathrooms because I have dogs and a kiddo and I can shut the vent without impact to the house) 2. I don't try to wick the container unscented since I don't sell unscented - so I'm really just concerned with the right size wick for the right scent. I typically start with my standard wick size and only mess around if it's not performing as expected with that scent. And honestly, there have only been a couple times I've had to wick up or down and I didn't end up doing anything with those because I wasn't getting the burn I wanted (ie, they were over or underwicked). 3. I do one entire test burn of a candle trimming the wick, and another entire test burn of a whole candle without trimming, and incorporate a power burn (6+ hours) into each of those tests. I will also say that I really don't add many fragrances to my line - I know there are lots of makers on here that have tons and tons of scents, but I rarely add anything new. I did a ton of testing to get to the scents I have now, and I just keep using those. Although now I am reordering I have to retest since the reformulation of many oils.
  6. jbradshaw

    What is a high end wax?

    @TallTayl Exactly why I put natural in quotes - it has no concrete meaning.
  7. jbradshaw

    What is a high end wax?

    I'm following this conversation - I use soy and haven't had problems with it, but at some point I do want to try others (not this year, new job + new baby means I need to stay the current course). One thing about soy - people do comment on how it's more 'natural' and my go-to response is that most anything produced at that kind of scale can have a negative environmental impact. It's up to consumers to decide which impact they'd rather support.
  8. I've only ever used GB 464 - I switched containers and wicks about the time folks started seeing an issue with that wax but I was already re-testing with the new wicks and containers so it wasn't an issue for me. Started with ECO wicks and moved on to CD and I'm still using those.
  9. jbradshaw

    Volcano Scent for Incense?

    Seconding the love for Aztec's Volcano, in fact I'm about to order more (and hope I can trust Aztec with the reformulation). I've also had folks tell me CS's Grapefruit and Mangosteen smells like a sweeter version of the Capri Blue candle and that sells well for me. I personally love it, and at markets it's a scent that is immediately recognized - it's a top seller. I rename it though.
  10. jbradshaw

    Keystone suggestions?

    I'm about to order some of the Peak inventory from Keystone (Tuscan Nights and Vanilla Bean Nectarine are the only ones I religiously used from Peaks), but I thought I'd pop in and see if there were other favorites from Keystone and/or Peaks I should grab? I searched and couldn't find much about Keystone oils prior to all the Peaks news - but apologies if this has been discussed prior.
  11. I have a wholesale account who wants me to dupe Illume's Coconut milk mango (it's also one of my favorites). Anyone have a great FO for something like this? Description from Illume: Indulge in the luscious tropical cocktail of your fantasies. Island pineapple, freshly-sliced mango, lush papaya, and coconut milk infused with sugarcane and Tahitian vanilla. I don't necessarily detect any pineapple, but it's a really lovely scent.
  12. jbradshaw

    An order I received

    Misbehaving- No matter the fragrance, fragrance load or temp and stirring the oil would seep out during curing and settle on the top. I switched back to 464 from CS and no more issues. I never finished the bag from flaming.
  13. jbradshaw

    An order I received

    See it's funny for me because if I order 50lbs wax from CS - it's $33 to ship, gets to me in 2 days. If I start adding on oils (I just put in 4lbs), the shipping jumps up to $49 whereas I just put the same in my cart at Flaming and from 5lbs wax at $42 to ship, it went up to $43 when I added on the 4lbs of oils. So much more economical if I'm ordering multiple items from Flaming (which is a vendor I don't really use except for wicks). But, trying to be as environmentally friendly as I can be, I try to order as much from CS as possible because it's so close to me (and I'm happy with the quality) whereas the only misbehaving wax I've ever had was from Flaming.
  14. I'm entering in my second wholesale agreement, and doing a private label line for a local store. My 5.5oz candles I wholesale at $5 (it costs me about 2.30 to make them, depending on the scent) and retail at $10. Right now, it's really not much profit - however, I am still new in my business and know that as I operate at a larger scale that will help somewhat bringing costs down. I'm also not dependent on this income, I just do it on the side of my day time gig so I don't strictly NEED to do better than break even. I also agree with olives that I would be happy paying over $20 for a 16oz candle.
  15. jbradshaw

    Aztec F.O. Order

    @kdmorgan I think I have some rosemary mint and lemongrass prior to the reformulation that I have no plans to use if the reformulated doesn't work out for you. Maybe just a couple oz of both but let me know if you get desperate. Olive Oil and Bergamot sounds amazing to me - I need to put in an Aztec order so maybe I'll give that a shot.