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Found 22 results

  1. Mrs. Wagner

    GW464 vs GW494

    Hi all, I'm new to making wax melts and have even sold a few -yay me 😀. I've used both 464 and 494 and so far haven't seen much of a difference. The 464 is easier to work with and sets up nicer and after trying a blind scent test, I'm not sure if I can tell a difference in the hot or cold throw. Do any of you have any opinions? I use about 1 oz per pound of FO and have gotten good reviews from customers on the melts I made with 464. Thanks! Karen
  2. Greywicklane

    Curing tarts

    Sorry another newbie question- when curing tarts, should they be left in the open or sealed up during cure time?
  3. CBeardly

    Blending w/PoB

    I've been using Pillar of Bliss for my tarts, but I'm not happy with the hot throw, it doesn't seem consistent (I know it can vary with FO) or to last very long. I've tried other vendor wax & it seems to be so much better. I recently tried blending a small percentage of 6006 with the PoB to see if it made a difference. It does make the wax easier to cut which is nice, but so far that's all I've noticed. I know experimenting is all a part of it, but I hate feeling like I'm wasting so much product. Thanks for any help.
  4. Just wondering which throws a better scent? parasoy, soy, or paraffin. (In your experience.) I've heard paraffin throws best but I'm not sure if they mean with vybar or without. Thanks!
  5. I've looked into insurance but wanted some others to chime in. My first question is when did you or do you feel is the time to purchase it...before your first sale or once established? If once established what do you consider "established? Next question what can someone claim as damages from your wax melt? Keep in mind this is the only item being sold so no body care or wicked candles etc. I understand it's good for covering your work space and materials but on a stand point of being sued by others what's the chances more less?
  6. Hi. Does anyone know if 444 works for melts and whether it needs additives? Thank you for any advice ?
  7. I have been diligently searching for information regarding the necessity of curing soy melts. Is it necessary to cure these as long as the candles or can they be used with success within 24 hours?
  8. MarlaSinger

    Cure time for KY Para-Soy?

    I have KY Para-Soy from RE and unlike most of their other waxes, they don't state an ideal cure time for this particular wax. I know the FO can alter it a bit but in general, what would be the average cure time for making melts with this wax? THANKS!
  9. MarlaSinger

    Stearic Acid in Melts

    Pondering random things while sipping my morning coffee, bare with me... ...Would there be any benefit to adding stearic acid to wax melts? For example, I'm using KY Parasoy wax in clamshells. I would love to do stand alone shapes but I live in a very hot/humid area and sell at covered open-air markets so the shapes don't hold up as well as I would like; and I wouldn't trust them to ship well in the summer. Would adding stearic acid help solve that issue? Also, my wax has a 10% fragrance load. Would stearic acid increase that? And and and... I read that stearic makes wax shrink when they cool. Would this make the wax pop out of a warmer plate easier? And and and... ...I'm out of coffee now. 😜
  10. Hellooooo! What are (if any) the regulations within the USA for making and selling wax melts? The only thing I have heard mentioned by makers is being "CLP Compliant" but as far as I can tell, that is for selling in Europe. Are there any such regulations within the US and if so, who oversees it?
  11. Hello! I mainly sell at a farmers market so my booth display has to be easy to set up and take down regularly (twice a week, by myself). I'm having a heck of a time figuring out a way to display my clamshell wax melts! If I stack them, they quickly get unstacked/toppled over. If I put them in baskets, they seem to get banged up from people rummaging through them. Currently I am using the plastic trays made to hold 8 clamshells on a shelf (kinda like you'd see at Walmart) but they just aren't very eye catching and unless I build shelves for them, they don't utilize vertical space well. I'm now leaning toward concocting some sort of peg board thingamajig or hanging display doflicky since my clamshells do have a hole punched for hanging. So far I haven't been able to find one pre-made that seems feasible for setting up / taking down / transporting every week. It not only needs to not fall apart after a few months, but it needs to look professional & be transportable by yours truly, flying solo. Oh, and if it would not fling itself off the table every time the wind blows, that would be great too. Any suggestions? Do you use or have seen any clever display options for clamshells? Can you help me hash this out before I loose all my hair over it?
  12. DestinyRae

    Top Wax Blends

    What are the top wax blends for melts? I know this question could have so many answers and it can be different results for each person but I'm kinda looking for a place to begin...I love soy and the look of it so I would rather use a parasoy blend...tried a all soy blend with terrible results unfortunately :/ Pretty bummed about it. Does anyone use vybar? Will that help my results with a all soy blend or parasoy blend..
  13. Fantazia

    PP Portion cups with P.E.T Lids?

    Hi all I have been a long time reader on this forum and have learnt alot in the past few years from everyone so thankyou. For the first time ever i have not been able to find an answer to my question from old topics, so here is my question. I love making melts/tarts in portion cups but packaging is harder to come by in Australia, I found a company that sells the cups in PP plastic but the lids that come with are P.E.T, so I am wondering do the lids also have to be PP plastic or is P.E.T ok for the lid? Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
  14. YAMS

    Melts vs. Tarts

    Please pardon the ignorant question but I am new to candles and sort... What is the difference between melts and tarts? I go online and see the pictures look the same?
  15. YAMS


    I am a bit frustrated. I decided to use my left over wax from candles (4627) and use as melts. I bought a few wax warmers.. I bought the electric ones with a light bulb in them. I also bought the ones with a light bulb that go as plug ins on wall outlets. I bought them from Target . I don't get almost no HT. I love the fact that I don't have to use a tealight but they basically just look cute. I believe the wall plugs use a 5 w bulb and the large counter top ones use a 25 w bulb. The only warmer that works is an old one that I had bought from Bath and Body Works years ago. Is a ceramic one that uses tealight, great HT. BTW I am using one of my best performers, CS Mac Apple. Can you tell me what warmers work for you? Specially if you have found the electric ones that do work well? I am not so worried about the price I just need them to work. Thanks guys
  16. I am getting ready to start making melts using 4625. Do you follow the same guideline for this wax as far as the % of FO you that should be used as you do for your soy or paraffin blends? I normally use 4726 for my candles. Thanks guys.
  17. YAMS

    Tart Wax

    I decided to give tarts a try since it seems I am already making candles and tarts seem much easier than candles. I use IGI 4627 for my candles. Would you use this wax to make tarts also? What wax do you recommend for tarts and melts? I purchase my wax from Candle Science so I would prefer to stick to buying from there to save on shipping since I order a lot from them. Thanks guys
  18. So it appears that Peak is out of Clamshell's which is a real bummer as I need to order bulk today. I've looked at Candle Wic and they appear to be the lowest cost out there for bulk (under 170$ shipped for quantity over 600) but I've never ordered or used anything from Candle Wic. Anyone had any dealings with them or their clamshell product? Anyone else have leads on bulk quality clamshells? Thank you.
  19. Do you find that NG's FOs are as strong as other supplier's FOs in wax tarts? Or do you find they're all about the same?
  20. Hello everyone : i have a question that might seem obvious to all of but I'm uncertain + hoping you can offer help. Im testing wax combinations (melts) & in the test few weeks will be testing candles + wicks. So my question is, can I do 1/2 pounds instead of full pounds so that I'm not wasting so much wax. If so, how does that work with the fragrance oil. say i have 1/2 lb of wax, would my weighed fragrance be 1/2 oz or a little over if i want it stronger . thank you in advance
  21. Hello everyone! I am new here, just joined today. I am known as the Candlelady42. I've been making and selling soy triple scented candles, tarts, melts, room sprays and more for about two years now. I have a successful website and physical home store where people can come and shop or browse. I make Christmas Candles, Tarts and such. I am 43 years old and have one son who is 15 yrs. old named Jake! You can find me on facebook at www.facebook.com/candlelady42 or www.facebook.com/simonesavon, www.twitter.com/candlelady42. I decided to join to find new ways to make candles, and to give and receive great advice! My shopping website is www.sweetsoycandles.com. Any other questions, please ask! Have a great day/night guys! Looking forward to improving my candle making skills by browsing and talking to everyone on this site!
  22. Wax blends for tarts will be the death of me.... For those of you that mix a paraffin pillar wax with a container wax for tarts, are you also adding vybar? For instance, in a case like 1343, it doesn't have additives, but the container wax might - so is it necessary? OR....if the pillar wax you are using does have additives, would you still add more? Do any of you also add soy to a mix like this? I have tried combos til I wanna rip my hair out. I make a mean candle (I feel, anyway) but the throw on melts is very hit and miss. Working with the above waxes/combo now....the latest at a 50/50 ratio. I used WSPs Wildberry Scone and didnt cure it yet (I know...saved some to cure, as well) and it's just meh. Help a girl out before I'm bald. I'll seriously sell one of my children for any tricks, insider knowledge, secrets. I have two, I can part with one. TIA!