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Lye... its what's for breakfast!


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My finger must have found a single loose bead of lye on my countertop. I knew the second I touched it to my tongue it was lye. Now I know how fast I can run to the sink to wash my mouth out!


I always clean my countertop, scale, and equipment off after mixing my lye but somehow I missed that one.

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Just now, Candybee said:

Before it zaps it has the most awful salty acrid taste. I made it to the sink just as the burn started so I got it in time. My tongue is fine no after effect. But you don't soon forget that taste or the fear of the burn!

When I first started soaping (I may have already told this story) I didn't realize you had to wait for sapoification to test your soap, so I put a tiny, literally could barely even see it, bit of raw soap batter (after literally just pouring into the mold) on my finger to zap test it. Oh yea... It zapped. LOL 

Not sure where I got the instructions or why I thought I should or had to test the batter, unless I was reading about HP - however, back when I started not many people did the HP method, so who knows... I honestly can't remember now it's been so long.

But yeah, you never forget that feeling. LOL 

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