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Bonfire Bliss changed? Mashmallow Fireside a sub?


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So my chandler partner and I have an old candle (almost 2 year old) of Bonfire Bliss (from RE) that we both love.  I should note that in wax it smelled NOTHING like OOB.  We just rediscovered this candle and wanted to add it to our winter lineup.  Got the new oil, put it in a tester with same wax and wick, and at almost two weeks cure time, it smells NOTHING like the 2 year old candle.  Not even close.  We don't even like it.  


Has Bonfire Bliss changed?  Has anyone here used Marshmallow Fireside (from JS or Indigo)--wondering if that is similar to the fire/evergreen/marshmallow scent we are going for.  Is Marshmallow Fireside more sweet or smokey?  We adored that original candle and can't seem to duplicate it.  

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I bought a sample of RE bonfire bliss about 2 years ago because of all the great reviews. I didn't like it, at all. To my nose it had a sweet note to it and after a super long

cure in wax melts - I still didn't like it. I did get leaves though but nothing that reminded me of a burning bonfire. I don't recall smelling any fire or evergreen that your 

describing. Theres someone on here that uses the Marshmallow Fireside @jbradshaw so hopefully she'll chime in. Are you looking for a smokey or sweet firewood ?

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