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Creamy soy wax for melts?


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A friend is asking me about making pure soy wax melts for her, but I am totally out of my element.  I had tried pure soy once before and can not for the life of me remember which one.  I know it arrived in little pieces and was great that way, but finished with an almost chalky consistency.  My question is, is there a soy wax that finishes with a creamy consistency, not chalky?  (I can add a pillar wax to it to harden it up.)



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For making melts in soy with a pillar votive wax your main option is PB

there is a couple others out there but I can't remember what the names are and I didn't like them

PB alone I don't care for either but you may - I mix mine with a container soy and they pop out of the molds or clamshells just fine 

PB is pretty creamy IMO 

a lot of people mix it with excel or 135- 464 or 415 and some even just use a container wax if your using clamshells but I wouldn't recommend using a metal mold - I had to freeze them to pop out and many didn't and had to melt back down 

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Moonshine may I ask why you didn't like the PB alone ? Im only asking because Im new to all this + I'm 

trying to learn :) This is such an amazing site, I just love all the support you all give each other :)

Do you have a blend that you think throws really well. What I don't like about paraffin wax is that super 

waxy look, the soy looks so pretty but it doesn't make for the best wax melts :(

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I didn't care for PB alone because I didn't feel it had strong hot throw- it was decent but I know many others on here have great success with it alone 

I am one of those candle makers that like super strong- I mean people come into our office and some have to walk out because they say it's to strong - but scent perception is a hard thing to judge as I have sinus issues so maybe that's why I can't smell as strongly as others but I have the majority of people that come in and be In Shock because it's soy and you can actually smell them....a lot of people claim many they buy have no throw 

there is a tricky balance of adding container wax though and FO Load

i started out playing with adding 135 to PB and I still do in votives only when I make them which I avoid like the plaque

but I had to much FO so they would frost and get a oily ring in the center 

I then played with Xcel and PB and it was good and lasted long but I was tired of buying so many different waxes I decided my blend would be the soy container wax I use- 415....this way I only buy 2 waxes for soy and I love it and it doesn't frost but now I am thinking of maybe just making them with straight 415- a lot of my extra wax from candle batches I threw in clamshells for personal use and it smells great- lasts long - doesn't frost and comes out of the clam pretty easily but I also use USA with my wax 

so I would suggest whatever container wax you use okay with that with PB along with PB alone using same scents and see what you think

i use 10% FO in melts and play with ratios

like 50/50- 60/40- 70/30 and 75/25 to see what you like best 


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