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Body Butter Containers


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Hi all :) I plan to sell primarily body butters when I launch my business and I purchased some plastic soufflé cups (2oz) with lids from Amazon as well as some shrink bags to seal them up. I got to thinking though, is it better to spend more money out of the gate on the packaging?


I got to thinking that the quality of my product should be better than the packaging but there are only so many sizes soufflé cups come in and I want to have a small size and a big size, very similar to how The Body Shop sells theirs in a mini size and normal size.  Would it be best to stick with the plastic cups/lids until I know if I'll be successful or exclusively use the plastic cups in different sizes because they are affordable and well, they seem like they'll work fine.

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Well, I would think about a few things:

1) durability. Soufflé cups are intended for single use. Will your body butters be single use?

2) durability again. Shipping is hard on products. Will soufflé cups survive the shipping?

3) packaging should be what your customers expect. Mediocre product will be perceived as much higher quality if packaged well. And vice versa. 


IMO, packaging and presentation either make or break the product. I might have an unpopular perspective, but it is through some hard learned lessons. 

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TallTayl knows what she's talking about; I would invest in a few good plastic jars and then reconsider...

Souffle cups scream cheap and low quality...just my opinion!

I'm sure you make an amazing body butter, so it deserves to be put in a nice jar :) 

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Thank you both a bunch! I hadn't thought about some of the points you guys mentioned. I think I will reconsider and purchase jars instead. That too makes it easier to have a small/big size when the time comes because there's a variety of sizes low profile jars in particular come in. I do want the whole package to look lovely :) At least the soufflé cups didn't cost much at all out of pocket :D I'll just use them for other things, like keeping my daughter's snacks from falling to the bottom of my purse *heehee*

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Yup I'd like to go with plastic ones myself :) As much as I'm uncertain about ordering again from Bulk Apothecary, they seem to have some of the best prices on jars and lids. I really want to purchase them but don't want to sit and count through 100 pieces to make sure my order is correct. Then again, that could happen with any company!

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