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Going back to the basics and starting over

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Hey folks!


I used to make soy candles and visited this board frequently a few years ago.


Well I decided today that there was an emptiness so I am returning to candlemaking. I took a break and bought myself a sewing machine. As much as I love sewing, I missed my candles. So I am going to do both.


I previously used EZSoy and dabbled some with C3 and 415. Today I made 2 candles. I used the 415 wax with some scents that I purchased not too long ago and just never got around to using. The first one is Cranberry and Orange Muffins from ICS and the second one is Strawberry Rhubarb from KY - AKA AH/RE.


I am using 8 oz jelly jars. I used 2 dye chips per lb for each batch. I tend to make a mess with the liquid. And by mess....I mean covered....the last time I made candles....I dyed myself green.......LOL


I am either going to wick with a cd 10 wick or a 51-32-18 cotton core wick. I don't particularly like the cotton core wicks but they work. LOL


In the past I had horrible luck with the ECO wicks and CD 12 was way too hot. So I am going to attempt to use cd 10.


Before I was adding my fragrance oil at 175 and not getting the throw that I wanted even with a two week cure time, so I added the fragrance oil at 150 and so I will let you know if I detect a difference.



I am curious as to what is happening with all the good suppliers. Today I went through my fragrance oils and then searched the suppliers and some of them had gone out of business such as Scent Works and also Moon Works so I just threw out those oils. No sense in testing something that I cannot get later and falling back in love with a fragrance.


Also, what is going on with Bittercreek? I noticed Bittercreek South had closed and on the message board Bittercreek North isn't very active. I loved Bittercreek oils and bought quite a bit from them.



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They better not be but I am having a heck of a time ordering my oils - the list ends after about 10

Not sure if it's because I am doing it on my phone but I am sweating a little I NEED to get a couple fragrances fast that I didn't realize I was out

Welcome back to candle making back2basics and I feel your pain in MW BUT when they went out fragrance buddy wanted to dupe many I sent them a bunch and they have succeeded! The company that bought many of their oils is wonderful also but it used to be minimums had to be met before you could get them and I couldn't wait like that so I went with FB

I have also found my wicking was much easier to get down with their dupes- some of MW were a bugger to wick- for me anyways

So you may want to check them out- great quality and Customer service

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ZOMG! Which TSW fragrances did you pitch? Some of us are looking for hard to find ones to dupe. Some have been duped by other retailers (and me).

And MW is genrrally available through purefragranceoils.com. Someone else has a few too. Can't remember the name.

Welcome back to chandlery!

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Welcome back! I too started back recently and have found many changes with some of my old suppliers having closed.....however thank goodness I remembered this board from before. The people on here have been helpful and friendly. Plus I spend a lot of time going over the very informative posts. We are all in this together!

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