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Charcoal Soaps and Scent


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I am planning a charcoal soap and I'd like to scent it but I know that charcoal is often used to deodorize.  I have enough trouble with scents fading and don't want to do something really dumb like make scented soap with a natural odor neutralizer.  So will the charcoal make my scent fade/disappear? On the other hand the scent I'm thinking of is a tea tree essential oil and it smells pretty strong and medicinal so maybe its the perfect combo  :lol:

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I've used activated charcoal in several soaps and haven't had trouble with scent fade at all. But, you do need to watch how much you use as too much will product greyish lather.


I use no more than 1 tsp PPO. More than that and I get grey lather. It is enough to produce a nice black thou. Others may have different experience but that is what works for me.


This is a little off topic but I found that the only way I can work with charcoal was to transfer it to a small wide mouth jar and use a teaspoon to get out what I need. Once its in the jar I have little to no mess. Charcoal wants to drift all over when you open it in a baggie or ziploc bag. When it gets on anything it can create such a mess! Its so light it almost floats. So when you open a bag it poufs out and spreads.

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By the way-- if you ever do transfer charcoal powder to a jar it's a messy affair. The good news is its a one time messy event whereas if you continue using a bag its always messy. At least it is for me!!


Let us know when you make your charcoal soap. I would love to see a pic of it. I should take a pic of my salt bar with charcoal in it. Its white, copper, and black colored. When I get time I will post a pic. (If  ever get time!) These days I am so busy getting ready for spring.

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Thanks everybody. I made it! Used 1 tsp ppo of charcoal and I did add lavender to the tea tree oil like Barbara does. I just don't like the smell of tea tree by itself. I can't wait to cut!! I'll post a picture here for sure. 

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