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Wicking Dilema

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Hello All!  I hope you had a wonderful Holiday and a great start to 2016!


I am having some wicking issues and am hoping you can give me some guidance.  I used GB 464.  My issues are only happening with some of JS scents and my 12 oz Mason Jar which is 2 3/4 in diameter.   Specifically Mandarin Mimosa, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Cider Lane.   With all other scents I use a CD 14 with that jar.  I was getting tunneling with these scents so I wicked up to a cd16.  First burn is perfect...all burns after are resulting in a too large of flame, too large melt pool, ect.   What would you advise?  Is the CD not hot enough for these heavier scents?  Is the problem more with the height as I do not have to wick up with the small 8oz jelly jar.  I use a cd10 with all my scents for that jar.  It is so odd to me.  


Thank You Kindly - Nichole 

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Actually its not really that odd. The larger the jar you can start to have more wicking problems you didn't have with a smaller jar. In candle making size matters.


I don't work with your wax but many on this board do. So you should get some good responses.


For me with my wax when I have tunneling it usually means I need to try wicking up a size or even two sizes. But in the end I wick primarily for the last half of the candle because as it reaches the bottom of the jar that's when the burn can really change.

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