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My Papertowel Tapers

7 Pawz

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 Well, everything that could go wrong with a candle, I let go wrong :lol: I wanted some tapers for these holders and decided to try for a really rustic look, believe me I think they are, the wicks are a little off for burning purposes, but i'm using them for decoration so I'm not concered too much. I will try again and at least get a centered wick :laugh2:


I thought the pic would enlarge, so that you could get a better look, but it doesn't :(

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The picture does enlarge for me when I click on it.

I like the tapers. They look nice and go with the holders.

Thank you; I think I need to pour colder than I did, but I'll have to play with the wick to get it centered next time, this was just a first try, I'll burn them later in safe holder, just because---then I'll try again, although, I'd really like to find a good mold for that, but no luck

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