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Aroma beads vs. Crushed corn cob


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So for those of you that use aroma beads, have you tested them out from different suppliers? Have you found a difference in their performance based on supplier?

If you have tried both the aroma beads and crushed corn cob, which do you prefer? I like the aroma beads because I like to color them but I'm also afraid to use them for the car in the Texas heat where I live. 

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I have always used BCN's beads so I can't help you with comparison.  I have tried the corn cob and liked the aroma beads better.  The corn cob just bugged be for some reason.  I live up in Wisconsin so it never gets that hot enough up here to have to worry about the beads melting.   


I guess I was not much help.  :)  Sorry!

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There was a topic not long ago. Here is where the salt started in that thread:


That sounds interesting! How does the salt work? It holds the scent well? Can you color it?

The salt soaks up fragrance easily. Any old salt seems to work, but i like the large crystal just because it is pretty. Can be colored and heated/warmed on a wax or l warmer just fine.
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Very frustrated!!! So I've been trying to come up with something that will last as a car freshener and nothing seems to last very long! When I first tried the aroma beads they seemed to last at least a couple weeks strong and then slowly fade but doing a repeat of them and I can't even get a week! Or maybe it's just my nose. although I have my sons test them also and they don't seem to think they last very long either. So then i tried the crushed corn cob. Didn't even smell for a week. Now I'm trying the salt. Overdid the ratio on my first batch using White Tea & Ginger. Had to keep adding salt until I didn't see anymore oil droplets on the jar. It smelled awesome and put some in a sachet baggy and hung it in my car. After 2 days in there I can't smell the darn thing unless I'm holding it right up to the vent.   HELP!!! 

Any suggestions??

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