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Wide mouth black lids

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I'm looking for these lids and wondered if anyone knows of any suppliers. I currently use regular mouth canning jars but would like to add wide mouth. The only place I have found the wide mouth is candlesoylutions. My last order was from tvglass and they were half the price of most places but the insides of lids are not painted and they don't go on the jars very nice. Thanks so very much for any help! Have a great day!

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Hi Vicky!

Thank you so much for trying to help! The lids I'm looking for are I think are referred to as black metal screw on mason jar lids..they are a heavier kids of lid..if that makes any sense?? I would of thought that more than one company would sell them..but candlesoylutions is the only place I have found them :(

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Colonial Tin Works has the regular size, they come on every warmer mason jar and I take them off and keep them (not sure why) when I assemble the warmer insert.  They may be

helpful with a source??  Some suppliers are very helpful and others don't want to give out any info!

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