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First soy candle test burn, bad tunneling :( -pics

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This is a 16 oz mason jar (3 in diameter), with 100% soy wax, 1 oz hansel and gretels house FO.

Eco 12 wick, which I thought was good for this size, but apparently not huh? :(

Smells great when not burned, not much of a hot throw at all. Do you think I should go up to a 14?

After 1 hour of burning


After 2 hours of burning


After 3 hours of burning


Thanks for taking the time to look

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Hi Lubella, Soy wax is a tricky wax, at least to me it is lol. I probably would go up to a Eco 14 or 16, since the 3rd hour burn looks like the flame is about to go out. IMO soy wax has to cure for about a week or longer for a better scent throw. HTH

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I've been burn testing a few FO's in GB 444. With a 3.125" jar and ECO wicks I've been needing at least a 14 or 16. Some are smack in the middle where 14 is a tad too small and 16 a tad too big. Argh! I'm thinking of trying some CD wicks as well.

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