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Scentsy melts, how much $


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Scentsy bars used to be in rectangluar clams. Now they are in a custom shaped clam that looks like a jar candle shape.

I have linked a Google image search of Scentsy bars:


They are $5 each but if a customer buys 5, they get one free. So, 6 clams for $25.

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I have never tried Scentsy either. Some day I might just for reference. They have great marketing and from what I can tell, very aggressive marketers that make claims a bit beyond what is acceptable at this forum. I recently learned that some of my work colleagues didn't know what tarts were but when I said Scentsy, they understood. Over the years, this brand has come up on this board a lot. The general opinion is that a good chandler can make a better tart than Scentsy.

We just had a tart swap in the swap forum. That's a good way to find out if your stuff is good and what others are doing. Funny how folks think of themselves (me included). Some think they have the best in the world. Some think they are average. Some just hope that their stuff is acceptable. None of that is an indication. I've seen great stuff from great people and great stuff from folks who think they are just barely entry level. And vise versa. You will know when you join a swap and try out what you get.

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I've never tried Scentsy. Are their tarts strong or like most, some are and some aren't? Anyone know?


Same with every supplier I tried. I liked some of their scents and I did not care for some. There were 4-5 that I REALLY liked. I had good throw and longevity with some. Some I did not. I have read here that some people's customer's said they only lasted an hour. Again, that was not my experience.

I feel differently about the company and consultants than a lot of people. I have only had positive experiences with consultants but I know that others have not.

I've never tried Scentsy melts but from what I understand, if you use their Melts, you must use their warmers with it. You may want to review their website and read up on their disclaimers lol

I went and read the fine print on my warmer boxes and the paperwork that came with. I only see a notation on the bottom of the box that indicates that this should be used only with Scentsy wax. I can find NOTHING in the paperwork nor on their website that would indicate that the warranty would be void if I used my own (or other) wax. I plan to call Scentsy headquarters to find this out once and for all. It may certainly be their policy but could also be something that their consultants have taken from "advised" to "voids the warranty".

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I went to 2 craft fairs today (for research lol) and Scentsy was at both, selling one clamshell pack for $5, 3 for $14, and 6 for $25. I bought one from them since I haven't tried them, and from another vendor that was selling soy candles and tart (her clamshells were 3 for $5). I'll test them this weekend to see how they compare to the ones I'm making...

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It was hard not to laugh at one potential customer a few weeks ago who told me that ONLY Scentsy melts work in her Scentsy warmer, so she was sorry she couldn't try mine. I had quite the successful poker face while I thought - light bulb = heat, ceramic gets hot, wax melts, and scent is released.... Um.... So yes, Scentsy has AMAZING marketing. LOL!

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