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Renaming Hearts & Daggars


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Fragrance Oil Type - You will love our version of this Ed Hardy Type for Women. "A tantalizing, abstract floral cocktail, this fragrance reflects colorful vibrancy, optimistic energy, and an open-minded movement. Glittering fruits and florals, radiant woods, and sensual musks create an airy and open feeling. Blood orange and juicy Gala apple meet violet leaf while energetic waves of mango, apple blossoms, and pink jasmine join. The alluring background blend of cashmere musk, amber, warm benzoin tears, and blonde woods

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Maybe Cupid? Or Today's Woman? This fragrance reflects the woman of today - strong, open-minded, vibrant and full of optimistic energy! Her flirty and floral side combines with radiant woods and sensual musks to create a breezy feeling. Swirl in blood orange, apple, tender violet leaf, cashmere musk and you have an alluring, captivating scent that's irresistible.

You might want to mention it's the Ed Hardy type though in any description you use for people who would be looking for that. I often can't decide on renaming some scents. I want people to be able to find what they want without reading a hundred descriptions and giving up, but on the other hand the scent list can look boring to some people who think, same-old, same-old.


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