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Beeswax taper candles - 1st go!


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I have made beeswax votives and tealights before but never made taper candles.

I watched a few youtube videos on how to make them and I think I did a really good job.

I would love your opinion how how they look.

Mind you I have not cut the bottom off yet.

I used a brass weight to keep the wicks straight and use a chicken squers to attach the wicks too.

Photo attached of finished tapers.


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Yes, burnt one last night. Worked perfectly. Maybe it was just me but light was brighter then soy wax for some reason.

The wick did crackle a little bit to start with, never seen that before.

I think I have to keep the wicks in the wax for 30 seconds the first time is goes in. I only dipped it for 5 seconds the first time.

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