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Craft Show- rain possible :-(


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So I'm doing a craft show this weekend and it's expected to rain on Sat. 80% chance. Ugh. This isn't my first show but I've been lucky to have dry weather for the ones I have done. It's an outside show and our second time at this one. We have a tent and all the necessary things one needs to have but what are some items I need for the day when rain is expected?


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Some towels or paper towels to wipe things if they get wet. A tarp to cover your product if the wind blows the rain in your tent. Another tarp to put your boxes on top of, under the table. A dry pair of shoes or clothes to change into on the way home. I hope it doesn't rain. I have a show tomorrow. But weather here is supposed to be 77 and sunny.

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Same here. Got a 2 day show this weekend and rain showers this Saturday. I take tent sides with me. If you don't have those get a tarp or go to the paint store and buy some waterproof drop cloths painters use. You can hook them to the inside cross poles inside your tent using those large binder clips from any office supply store.

In a heavy rain storm close up your sides, tarp, or drop clothes, put your tent at half mast if you must, whatever you need to do to protect your product until the storm passes. If it doesn't stop raining and all the customers have left I just pack it in for the day and come back out again on Sunday. When this happens Sunday tends to be the big sales day anyway so don't give up.

Good luck to the both of us!!!

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