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Walmart BH&G tarts


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So I bought a Walmart tart, its the Better Homes and Garden brand they carry. I got the Orange Buttercream Cupcake.

So I put it in my tart warmer and omg, I cant believe the throw! It blew the doors off and at one point my husband actually asked me to turn the tart warmer off. My tarts sadly are no where near this strong. I dont know if it was just this particular fragrance but next time I go to wally world I will try another one of a different kind.

So if any tart makers out there are wondering how your tarts compare to others, this one would be a good one to try out yourself.

I now know that my tarts need ALOT of work in the throw department.

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Just had this conversation with a neighbour today actually! Funny! I brought her some testers (we just moved to the area and DH found out last night she is addicted to melts! :) ) and she mentioned BH&G ones at WM! She said they smell pretty good but also said they didn't last long! The one I burned yesterday went to 14 hours and still had scent this morning (though I dumped it because i'm eager to see if my others will go past the 12 hour mark! LOL!)

I can't wait to hear her opinion and comparison!

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I got the orange buttercream cupcake too and have to agree with everything you said. I only got about four hours of it though. However, at only two dollars for six cubes (and one cube is very strong) it's a heck of a buy and no shipping. Big time competition for people who don't like to wait. Their wax definitely looks like a very hard paraffin, yet they aren't hard to get out of the clamshell like 4794 is by itself. Yep, wish I knew as well what the throw secret is.


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