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Connies candles


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Has anyone ever used Connies candles for fragrances? I have done a search but not alot comes up.

Any recs?

The other day I found an invoice from there dating back to 2000. I remember liking the fragrances that I bought then, but can't give much more details than that, it's been a while.

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Yep I did order from Connie and her Spiced cranberry was amazing oh and also I loved the plum pudding (both was very strong). I didnt repurchase as I am in the UK and there was not enough oils that I liked to make it economical for me to purchase again. x

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Bumping this thread .....

Anyone have any input on this company....they seem to always be out of stock on waxes

Is this typical I them to where I should be ordering cases of clarus direct?

And as far as her oils- anyone use then in 415 or 3022?

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I found it much cheaper to order Clarus direct at the time I was getting it. A lot of saving over ordering from Connie's. If you try the oils, let us know please! I'm going to test the Soapalooza scents I poured starting Saturday. This waiting is horrible..........!

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