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  1. It's ok I think I worked it out , so it's 75% c3 and 25% pb , I think x
  2. Hi shicks, Thank you so much for sharing your blend I'm back to testing the c3 again , I tested it for a few months but gave up on it as I couldn't get it wicked correctly . However today I have made up some c3 candles as I do love the look of soy candles . I'm in the UK and I work in grams and percentages , I wonder if you would know what percent your blend is ? I would love to have a go at experimenting thanks for your time x
  3. I live in the UK and I can only get the NGi waxes or the c3 wax , we can't get golden brands here which is a shame as I read so many good reviews about them on here .
  4. Hi, I tested excel for a few months a while back and i found that cd wicks worked best in it . I had a few problems with it , first it did sweat with some fragrances , I made up candles with excel and c3 to test side by side and the candles that was made with excel would sweat , not in all fragrances but some whereas the c3 never sweated at all. Also when I got all my testing completed and ordered another big batch of the excel it didn't behave anything like the previous batch , my previous wicks didn't work anymore and some of my candles appeared to have a scrambled egg appearance on top this was using the same oil and methods I had previously used with success. I did get good ht with my candles , i found the ct wasn't as good as c3 though . After the second batch I decided not to continue as I didn't want to use a wax that was that inconsistent . Hope this helps .
  5. Well I think mine had cured about a month by then, I hate curing, I'm so impatient, I just what to light them up as soon as I've made them
  6. Wow that is good, think I will have to get some pb wax and try it out. What fragrance did you use? I have found that some fragrances last longer than others. I'm not sure how long a tart should last , some say on here that they last for days however I have not been able to get strong hot throw over about 8 hours but I use the tealight warmers so perhaps that makes a difference.
  7. Hi Sherry, Yep I can agree the c3 really does seem to benefit from a longer cure time. I made some candles up and burned them after a weeks curing , wasn't too impressed with hot throw so put them away, then yesterday every time I walked past my cupboard I kept getting this wonderful smell, it was the c3 candles that I had put away and forgotten about. I had not thought of mixing the c3 and pb for tarts, I am having a hard time making a tart that lasts past 8 hours, would you kindly report back and let me know how long your tarts are lasting? Thanks x
  8. Hi , I'm not sure but the temp you added fragrance oil seemed low , I think lots of people add fragrance at about 180 and normally leave them to cure for a few days at least as apparently this can affect hot throw. Obviously this could all be wrong so don't take my word for it
  9. Thankyou very much for your reply. I'm not sure if I like the zinc wicks, sometimes they seem to get a white ash on the top of the wicks? Would you know what causes this? X
  10. Hiya, I do have zinc wicks, what size would you recommend? The biggest I have is the 51z? X
  11. Hi, I am using wax j223 and trying to wick a canning jar, they are called kilner jars, think they are similar to your mason jars. The top diameter is just under 3 inches and the rest of jar is roughly 3 and quarter inches. I wondered if someone could suggest an Eco wick size to start testing with? I have tried an Eco 10 but flame seems quite small. Thanks xx
  12. Hi, I notice that you said you ordered from peaks? Please can you tell me how? I would love to order from them but whenever I ask they always say no to international shipping :(

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