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Sugar plum berries


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Do you like it? I poured some last night and it just smells like wine to me! :lipsrseal. Not really what I was expecting. Hopefully it'll be better once it cures. I just don't smell the lovely berries that I was anticipating. The reviews were so good, I bought a bigger bottle of it too!

Eta: from peak.

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Oh my gosh! I just can't believe that anyone picks up anything in this FO!! I bought it last year and out of the bottle it was strange, but not awful. So, in the wax it goes and when I was pouring it (pillar parasoy blend of my own creation) the scent hit me in the face. COCONUT!!! Ugh. I am super sensitive to all things coconut and I was gagging as I put down the pour pot. It was the hardest reaction to date of any fragrance oil.

I still have the pillars, I have no idea what to do with them. They are double wrapped in plastic bags and I'm probably just going to pitch them. I let them sit thinking that the fragrance would change, but it just smells like coconut to me.

yes, it was from Peaks.

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