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  1. I would love to know how to make it also, wiish someone would share a recipe.
  2. I'm using flaming candle company's 650 paraffin pillar wax, I made tarts in clamshell in brown, I did two pours, they look lighter brown in the center. than the outer edges, I cooled them in a warm room? what I'm I doing wrong?
  3. I use igi 6006, you cant go wrong with this wax. you get a great ct and ht. you can burn the next day and get a great ht. easy to work with.
  4. its very hard, I wonder what kind a paraffin
  5. My daughter really likes the tarts they sale at Walmart, I think they are made by better homes and garden. does anyone know what kind of wax this is. It is a very hard wax?
  6. ladybug1

    Walmart Tarts

    My daughter loves Walmart tarts, do you have any idea what kind of wax that is? it is a very hard wax,
  7. ladybug1

    Pink Sugar Jar

    great job, love the color.
  8. So far I think the 8cd works the best for me in the 8oz. jelly jar, with the igi6006, how long does it take this wax to cure?
  9. Has anyone tried the 600 container blend wax from flaming candle company? I purchased some and cant wait to try it.
  10. How long should I let the candle cure, if using igi 6006?
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