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  1. Yes! If I understand what you are asking, lol. I make my lotion from scratch, what I am looking for is one that would be a little thicker for the face, A cream, more than a lotion. But not body butter.
  2. A recipe, not a base. I will check on that one! Thank you!
  3. I know this is a very old thread, but I really wanted to see this recipe, and the link no longer works. Anyone has it?
  4. Thank you, I am not a fan of them either. Any recommendations of a vanilla fragrance that does not go brown?
  5. Did a quick search but did not find the answer. I try to not use stabilizer, but I love the sweet scents, which many contain browns. I specially would love adding vanilla scents to my lotions, but I am afraid they will turn brown? I do not make lotion as often, usually is for personal use, however, I am considering making gifts for fall. And lots of the fall scents turn 😒 Anyone has experience of this? If used, do I put it at the end or at the water or oil phase? Thanks.
  6. Because I live within driving distance, lately I get a lot of my supplies at Southwest Candle Supply 3149 I-30, Suite H Mesquite, TX It would be great if you can add them, since they do not allow reviews on their site.
  7. I agree it depends on the FO. Mine still smells from Christmas!
  8. ha ha. I must be so old school, because I have a sizzix that you just crank manually..... and a gaziliion die cuts.🤪
  9. Maybe is the type of fragrance you are using? I bought a case of mason jars for my beads so I can have different colors, and after a year some of the scents are still strong. I even have some I already made in a drawer from Christmas, and I can still smell them. But I only buy scents from southwest candle supply, WSP, natures garden, and candle science. I love BB, but I find them sometimes too expensive with the shipping and all. Other places, I have never been happy with them. Personally I think glass jars will give them a longer life, but I could be wrong. If I use plastic bags, is because I will use them all within a week or so.
  10. There are so many things you can do with them! I bought me a bottle cutting thing to make them vessels for candles. Maybe you can find some inspiration here: https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=cut+botles+crafts&iax=images&ia=images
  11. Thank you so much! That might be it! I do tend to over cook them.
  12. Any one here makes freshies with aroma beads? I had lots of success, but for some weird reason the lasts ones got stuck to my cookie mold, and the mold was destroyed. I am still trying to figure out what I did wrong. Do you all think it was the temperature? Anyone has tips for easy un- molding?
  13. I would be so careful with some videos. I have seen a lot of bad advice on them. One time on a particular soap video I had a discussion with someone who said wearing googles and gloves was stupid. I told her that it was one of those things, that you think will never happen to you. Anyone can have an accident, is always better to take precautions.
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