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  1. I get most of mine at Southwest because I can pick them up myself, or Wholesale supply plus. I love nurture, but they mostly only have colors and MP. I stopped buying at BB because their prices are pretty high in comparison IMO when you add the shipping. I love natures candles, but the shipping puts me off too. I am not an amazon fan either.... Southwest could use a LOT of better customer service. They are updating the website, and would not let me pick up tomorrow. So, what other stores are there that you would recommend? where do you get your stuff? Most oils I just buy at the grocery store, but I need lye, glycerin, cocoa butter, and a preservative.
  2. My personal opinion coconut oil is a must in every recipe, just watch the quantities, and if you do not use it, your soap will not be as bubbly. The reason people are against palm oil, is because the way is sometimes harvested, but is amazing in soap, and I have never met a soap with lard I did not like. So if you are not against animal products, lard is the best alternative to palm oil. Personally, I think your recipe is too high in conditioning, and too little in cleansing, I would balance those numbers more. Like TallTay said rice bran and olive are very similar. I would use one or the other. If you want to use those oils, or tell me which oils you would like to use,I can help you create a recipe. I watch every penny, and I mostly make my soap with the walmart shortening that has animal fats. I basically make all my soaps from that and coconut oil, and then balance it with a high oleic like shea, cocoa butter, avocado, or sunflower. And a little bit of castor to pump up the bubbles. I have even make soap just with crisco, and it made a lovely soap.
  3. Yes! If I understand what you are asking, lol. I make my lotion from scratch, what I am looking for is one that would be a little thicker for the face, A cream, more than a lotion. But not body butter.
  4. A recipe, not a base. I will check on that one! Thank you!
  5. I know this is a very old thread, but I really wanted to see this recipe, and the link no longer works. Anyone has it?
  6. Thank you, I am not a fan of them either. Any recommendations of a vanilla fragrance that does not go brown?
  7. Did a quick search but did not find the answer. I try to not use stabilizer, but I love the sweet scents, which many contain browns. I specially would love adding vanilla scents to my lotions, but I am afraid they will turn brown? I do not make lotion as often, usually is for personal use, however, I am considering making gifts for fall. And lots of the fall scents turn 😒 Anyone has experience of this? If used, do I put it at the end or at the water or oil phase? Thanks.
  8. Because I live within driving distance, lately I get a lot of my supplies at Southwest Candle Supply 3149 I-30, Suite H Mesquite, TX It would be great if you can add them, since they do not allow reviews on their site.
  9. I agree it depends on the FO. Mine still smells from Christmas!
  10. ha ha. I must be so old school, because I have a sizzix that you just crank manually..... and a gaziliion die cuts.🤪
  11. Maybe is the type of fragrance you are using? I bought a case of mason jars for my beads so I can have different colors, and after a year some of the scents are still strong. I even have some I already made in a drawer from Christmas, and I can still smell them. But I only buy scents from southwest candle supply, WSP, natures garden, and candle science. I love BB, but I find them sometimes too expensive with the shipping and all. Other places, I have never been happy with them. Personally I think glass jars will give them a longer life, but I could be wrong. If I use plastic bags, is because I will use them all within a week or so.
  12. There are so many things you can do with them! I bought me a bottle cutting thing to make them vessels for candles. Maybe you can find some inspiration here: https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=cut+botles+crafts&iax=images&ia=images
  13. Thank you so much! That might be it! I do tend to over cook them.
  14. Any one here makes freshies with aroma beads? I had lots of success, but for some weird reason the lasts ones got stuck to my cookie mold, and the mold was destroyed. I am still trying to figure out what I did wrong. Do you all think it was the temperature? Anyone has tips for easy un- molding?
  15. I would be so careful with some videos. I have seen a lot of bad advice on them. One time on a particular soap video I had a discussion with someone who said wearing googles and gloves was stupid. I told her that it was one of those things, that you think will never happen to you. Anyone can have an accident, is always better to take precautions.
  16. I remember when I first started, I was so scared of the lye! I mixed it outside the first couple of times, and then realized it was silly.
  17. I have kaolin and illite clay I received in a mystery box from WSP, only used them once, and this was like 5 years ago. Do they go bad? I was thinking of using them for face masks. They do look ok, but maybe I should toss them? Any advice appreciated.
  18. I absolutely love the coconut fragrance from Candle science, and it does stick. But it makes the soap brown.
  19. I now buy all of my candle supplies here, and much of the soap ones. Their products are of good quality. https://store.southwestcandlesupply.com/ Edit, never mind I just saw it was included.🥴
  20. I know what that forum. I have not been there is 2 years, there is too much drama and fighting for my taste. I did learn a lot from them when I first started there. I personally find that idea gross, and I am a woman. Maybe is mind conditioning. I know we use other milks for soap, but they are all pasteurized.
  21. Just thought I post here as a newbie to the forum, but not to the craft. 🚿
  22. It was probably the witch hazel, I avoid using it as much as I can. And if it was raining the humidity will affect them too. I always check the weather before I make mine. I swear they a re weather contingent. If you put any epson salt on them even as decoration on the top, they will also suck the moisture and crack. At least this is my personal experience. As an option when your bath bombs go wild, I pack them in cute bags. I personally make embeds for my bombs, so I add an embed, and maybe some colored epson salt, or little flower buds, or chamomile and pack them in a bag, like in this picture.
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