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  1. I am thinking about changing wax for my container. I have read some good reviews about this wax but it seems as most people will blend this with another wax. I would like to know if anyone had great results using the 6098 alone? Here another question that may sound crazy but has anyone blended two para/soy or para/veg waxes? I've been using joy wax but it doesn't seems the same. I am not getting the hot throw or with some scent a weak cold throw. I do understand that the fragrance oil will play a part in this too.
  2. I agree with StanfordP try heating your jar before pouring your wax into it. A cold jar and hot wax will cause wet spot. I would normally use a heating gun around the outside of the jar for a few seconds or so just to get the jar warm then pour. Your goal is to just the the jar warm not hot.
  3. For some reason I still cannot post to the tread

    1. barbaranj


      So weird.  I can post for you if you like.   I can copy and paste whatever you would like to say. 

    2. DarrinB


      Hi Babara,

      Sorry for getting back to late. If you can post this for me that would be great.


      I just wanted to thank everyone and congratulate them for a great job. I am new to the forum and this was my first time doing a swap like this. You guys are so talented. I have to step my candle game up LOL. I hope to do this again next year.

    3. barbaranj


      Sure thing!  Done!

  4. I had received my box and would like to say thanks to everyone

  5. I am currently using Joy wax from Natures Garden for jar and tins. I have heard that 6098 was a very good wax, however the cost for a case is $139.99 per case (at least that's the cost at Candles and supplies0 which is almost $40 more then Joy wax. Have anyone used either of these waxes? If so is the cost for 6098 worth the extra cost?
  6. You can find them on some candles supply stores. I have gotten some from CandlesandSupllies.net or Natures Garden
  7. Hello Everyone, I am fairly new to the board. I've had been making candles for about 6 years and then I stopped about 9 years ago. Since then I've been making candles as a hobby for personal usage. I am now looking into getting back in this as a business. In the past I've brought my wax and scents from mostly Candles and Supply and Nature garden. I had also used a company in the past that I beliave was called Alabaster for scents. My question is have anyone here used these companies and what are your thoughts of them (quality, price, etc)? Also can anyone tell me of any other companies that they have used and liked? How to they compare to Candles and Supplies and Nature Garden (if you ever used these companies)? One last question, I am trying to come up with a list of scents and how many scents should I use? I was thinking about starting out with 10-12 scents. Will this be to few? Thank you in advance for you support and answers.
  8. Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum. I use to make candles some years ago (Still to it for personal use some time). I use to use NG's Joy wax and would like to know if anyone here uses it and how does it compares to their WOW wax? Also I was thinking about using tin instead of jars. I would like to know of anyone have a preference over jars or tins?
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