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  1. Test burn and pillar results @TallTayl does the flame look ok so far or is that too tall? Also why did my pillar candle come out with striations in it? Is that a pouring issue? Thanks in advance!
  2. This is partly set and the purple ish one is almost cool to touch. The sink a lot around the wicks. pouring at 165 - 155. Its been so long since ive done this, i probably made quite a few mistakes 😅 i moved the orange one too soon and the wick holder popped off and took the wick with it.
  3. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B0899DLNJC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_PC4MFbXW344PG It wont even show up if you search pure beeswax 😆 I am going to try it for my home and order real stuff for the gifts im making. If that blend should melt clear too then Honestly i have no clue whats in it at this point.
  4. After I posted I went back and looked at the product listing and im nearly certain the product is not pure beeswax. I bought it on amazon and made the mistake of not realizing where it was made. Whether it was misleading on purpose or not, I dont know but im bummed because I still have a pound of it left. It feels and looks more like a soy blend maybe with a touch of beeswax in it. But like you said. This probably isn't going to burn well.
  5. Stirred many times. No clear at all not even with the solid island. (What i expected to see from all the tutorialsi watched) So by all means this should have gone clear then? 200 was more than sufficient? I forgot to add that i used 1oz wax bars not chips. 24 total Will that make a difference?
  6. Hi, i am new to working with beeswax, i usually use paraffin or soy blend to make candles. Could a more experienced member please take a look at this and help me out? I was under the impression that the wax would melt completely and be dark but clear. Mine has not gone clear at all. The wax is completely liquid and appears to be at 200 deg. F. Per I.r. thermometer. I have been heating it for hours at this point and it never went clear once. My water is boiling on med heat. And im using a metal bowl and pot double boiler. Is this a brand/purity issue or am i making a rookie mistake
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