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  1. I Lack Pouring Skills

    Yes that looks like a new version of the one I have. It works great. The aluminum funnel is easy to clean up with a heat gun or on a paper towel on a cookie sheet in the oven.
  2. I Lack Pouring Skills

    It is packed away but look up eaby item 351925094510. Clamps on to the funnel or a coffee can.
  3. I Lack Pouring Skills

    I solved the problem in an antique store. Small kitchen funnels made of aluminum paired with a handle with a clamp on one end. Pours are neat and tidy.
  4. It has been a long time since I smelled it. I recall it is a heavy oil and spicy but that is all I remember. Sorry.
  5. As I recall it is a ginger bread sort of fragrance?
  6. 6% is plenty if you use good oil. My 2 3\4" candles could scent a 500 sq ft space with 4630 and 6% FO. 10% will drown your wick or make a huge flame. If you want a candle recipe use a small jelly canning jar, 4630, HTP 52, 6% FO and use a light FO. Cannot tell you which fo since I used to use Peaks but their cranberry worked and the Christmas Spruce did too. Bakery scents are hard to wick. You may be pushing it by trying to get this right for Christmas this year. Good luck.
  7. I used paraffin and cut down to 4 5 percent when I had this problem That worked and throw was still good.
  8. I saw one person who put them on edge in tubs. Maybe shallow stacking tubs. Also saw clams with attached tabs for hanging them.
  9. Are they bagged up or in any container?
  10. Peaks Hollyberry. I think we used it as dog repellant.
  11. We use our Kitchenaid to grind meat. I do bread by hand.
  12. Prices of wax are based upon their raw components. Petroleum for paraffin, soybeans for soy. These are commodities and prices fluctuate based upon supply and demand. Finished candle prices are partly based upon cost and partly based upon what consumers are willing to pay as well as popularity of the items, and even by fashion and propaganda.
  13. Newbie advice? FDA vs. CPSC

    TT, would soap from a cold process rebatch base be regulated like the melt and pour? Thanks.
  14. Mostly I am OK with natural scents. I grow citrus and have no problems there. That may have possibilities... Thanks!