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  1. coconut

    Mason jar cracked?

    It could be a flaw in the glass. The temperature of the wax will not matter as long as the jars are not cold. Real mason jars are designed to be immersed in boiling water but I have broken them when my jars were still cool.
  2. coconut

    Mason jar cracked?

    Pre-warm the jars. Pouring hot wax in a cold jar can cause it to vrack or break.
  3. coconut

    Telecommuters Insurance

    They probably would accept the candle makers policy but that policy is a bit expensive. I am hoping for something cheaper.
  4. coconut

    Telecommuters Insurance

    No, there are no files kept on the computer and they insure the equipment. Just liability, it seems. Like if a delivery person tripped and got hurt, I guess.
  5. This is a different sort of insurance problem than product liability which we usually discuss. The company I work for allows staff to work from home, but requires us to have liability insurance to protect them from some third party issues. I guess it is an overabundance of caution since we are desk workers, we have no products and no clients. We process warranty claims on a computer. My problem is this: I own my home but due to living in Florida and having a very old house, I cannot get a rider on my homeowner's insurance for a home office. Since I do not rent I cannot get renter's insurance either. A commercial liability policy looks like it costs as much as candle product liability. Does anyone know of any lower cost alternative? I would consider this a very low risk but so far I have not come up with anything. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  6. I know a long time ago when Peak still owned the board, the server crashed and I think those old archives are from that time. I wonder where it lives. For a long time after the crash, Google was rhe only way to search
  7. coconut

    CP rebatch bases

    I would love to hear anyone's thoughts on the CP rebatch bases some suppliers are offering. I have been searching local stores for unscented soap with Shea butter in it but none is to be found. I am not a soapmaker but might be able to try my hand at rebatch. If anyone has any thoughts to share, it would be much appreciated. I have been searching the forum and found a few posts; most are two years old. TIA!