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  1. Maybe it is not the beans but what is on the beana? Dicamba is in the news a lot this past year
  2. It is interesting that you all say it is something different in the soy in the past year. I moved about 2 1/2 years ago and not long after started getting sick. Allergies went berserk. I no longer can eat any soy but soy sauce. Whatever it is seems to affect the wax too. What changed with the food laws? Sure made things worse, not better.
  3. That is what I wondered. I have seen so many recent posts about issues with soy wax, and don't recall so many posts in the past.
  4. Genetically modified. Just wondered if anyone has noticed any change in the wax.
  5. I preferred Astorlite V (4641a) over 4794. Pelleted wax, no shrink & great throw.
  6. That is why the colonies revolted in the first place. Too much tea!
  7. No real coffee. No fresh TP. Isn't that against the Geneva convention?
  8. Peaks has a lovely Frosted Carrot Cake.
  9. Maybe you can buy a bar of soap and take up soap carving...
  10. Get a notebook and take notes on every test burn. At first it doesn't seem important but after you test 20 FOs and 10 wicks.... you won't remember it all.
  11. So far sounds like a prettygood plan. Light FOs are easier to wick. Bakery fo tend to be heavy. Scales should be fine to start out. 1 lb of wax can make a few testers. Smaller jars can be testes quicler. Good luck!
  12. That is a lot of wicks. Good luck!
  13. Peak's oils are awesome and they have a shipping sale right now. Candlescience and Lone star have good oils too.
  14. Cello bags will keep the scent in and are environmentally friendly.