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  1. It may be too expensive but I used to use the clay made for plugging candle molds to tab my wicks and that stuff is super sticky and holds up to high heat also. Even high temp wax will melt in a hot car.
  2. Glad you could save the soap!
  3. Absorbine Jr. Roll it on under your nose. 😯 Just kidding! Try sniffing fresh coffee grounds. That's an old chandler's trick.
  4. How did it turn out?
  5. What do you like about the avocado oil?
  6. Bad Idea might put some folks off buying your soap although others may buy as a novelty.
  7. Those fairies do nice work.
  8. Update on this older thread: I have again tested the luxury rebatch in the shower and I just don't like it as well as the unscented shea butter soap loaf I bought from Brambleberry. Unfortunately they have discontinued this loaf. The ingredients in that loaf are Coconut, Palm & Palm Kernel oils, Sunflower oil, Shea butter and lye. The closest shredded base I can find to this is from Voyegeur in Canada, who lists the same ingredients plus Avocado oil. Any thoughts? Brambleberry's shea base shreds have different ingredients and can only be ordered in a 25lb. quantity which is more than I need!
  9. I used paraffin 4630 container wax.
  10. I tried Jamaica Me Crazy from a different supplier and it just didn't not have a strong throw. I tried increasing my fo to 1.5 oz per pound of wax which improved throw but I could not get a proper burn at that percent. Some fo is just that way. I only did melts for scents that I could not wick.
  11. You can use various grinding wheels to etch glass. Google it. Most shop setups are a home assembled grinder and water like tile cutters. There some books on Amazon about etching glass too.
  12. I remember those. Does your pot have a metal or ceramic pour spout? I googled this to see if these are safe on a burner (some were) and found a bunch of recalls on the pots with metal spouts. Seems the epoxy fails and the spout is not safe. 😨
  13. Sounds like an old Corning Ware coffee pot. Corning ware cannot be put directly on a burner, but if you use it like a double boiler, a hot plate is the same as the stove.
  14. Have you tried ECO wicks? I recall liking those but I could not get them in small enough sizes for my jars. However, for your purpose you may find the size to be good. Sample packs of these are available.
  15. Those look really nice.