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  1. I used HTP with the 125 too, but my problem was finding a wick between 93 and 104, I could never get one to burn right like the HTP’s.
  2. Can you elaborate a bit on getting hot throw with Glass Glow? I've tried everything to get a good hot throw and only about 1 in 10 fragrances want to give anything. The cold throw is banging, super strong, but hot throw non existent. I usually add FO at 200, I've tried 3%-6%, CSN and CD wicks.
  3. I think it is too, but it has a very different feel than all the other waxes, it's kinda rubbery when it's not set properly.
  4. I know I’ve seen a couple people over the years post some stuff on here where they got some really messed up batches, and to be quite honest I don’t like their orher waxes anymore, I’m assuming it’s because they’re using IGI stuff in the blend so no wonder they’re ‘off’, but the 129 I’ve gone through god knows how many cases and I’ve honestly never had a problem with it. I hate how bad it shrinks and dips, and it’s a very hard wax like palm, but the hot throw….. holy Jesus. It’s slammin.
  5. It’s the only wax I’ve used that has never failed to give me a hot throw. 4627 is giving me bad issues right now in batches which I’m not surprised, so gonna stick to 129 for now.
  6. Every single wax I’ve been using lately, 4 of them, have all been different from lot to lot. There is no consistency anymore, and the manufacturers don’t care.
  7. There is no such thing anymore, you have to learn to deal with the problems of each lot as you go along.
  8. Happens sometimes for me when I use some different parasoys, doesn't matter to me long as the wick fixes itself within a few seconds, any longer than that then it's back to the drawing board for me.
  9. I am tempted to try it, 4627 just about holds up for me. I can’t imagine something with a melt point that low would work out, but this is candle stuff we are talking about, a lot of things don’t make sense so who knows… Let us know how it goes, it is another IGI wax so I’m still anxious about it lol.
  10. It has a melt point of 118, I don't know where you live, but here in Florida that would turn sloppy in 1 trip in the back of a truck. I usually stick to 125-130.
  11. I don't have patience anymore, that's long gone lol. I like the challenge of getting things fixed quickly, but when it's unusable garbage that's where I have a problem. There's only so many cases of crap wax that I can stuff on a shelf to blend in with some pillar mixes for melts.
  12. The only caveat I see with that wax is the low melt point, it would be horrible for shipping candles.
  13. I have gone through cases and cases of the stuff lately and it is an absolute sh*t show. Every lot either wicked differently or self-trimming wicks wouldn't work at all. So It's been all over the place. One lot liked CDN wicks, another liked the new HTP wicks, and the last lot of 3 cases I've got sitting here won't work with any self-trimming wicks at all, they all just smoke and clog. Not sure what I'm gonna do with it all. Back about 3 years ago when I started messing with it, CD and Eco worked good in it, but those days are long gone lol. I just got a couple bags of the newest 4627 from CS and even though the HT isn't the greatest at least it wicks pretty good.
  14. I can't even use 6006 anymore, I just went through a ton of cases and it was fine as usual, but this last lot was so bad that no self-trimming wicks would work at all and the hot throw was just okay. I've never tried the victory blend before, might have to give it a shot in the near future.
  15. I've been curious about this too, although the biggest problem is getting the empty refill thingys in the first place, I couldn't find anywhere that would sell them unfilled.
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