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  1. I'm not an expert but I do have a lot of experience with that wax. I was disappointed with the HT being a paraffin wax and all, it threw more along the lines of a parasoy like Joy wax for me, but I had some decent burns with HTP's. The zincs acted a bit weird for me, the melt pool was smaller than what I'm used to. I don't think the extra 1% load is going to help that much with the HT in that wax, but you just never know with candles, you might get a good surprise.
  2. I wish all the newbies starting candle businesses would watch this and realize how important safety is, the candles I've seen most of them showing off in FB groups is downright scary.
  3. Definitely agree with the too much advice bit. There's way too many people thinking it's a one shot trick where there is a magic combo for everything. But even if you gave someone a perfect FO / wick / wax / container, doesn't mean they could make an amazing candle. Kind of like making a cake, you can give 2 people the exact same ingredients but doesn't mean the end result will be the same. Pouring a good candle comes from experience and knowledge. If I was starting over I would have just bought the full wick pack from lonestar which has all of the wicks in it, and a couple of the most popular containers like a jelly jar and tins. I create my own FO's so I already had a huge library of oils to mess with, but if I was starting out I would just buy some top seller packs with the tried and tested ones from a couple of places. Buying too many and not knowing enough about them causes a lot of problems, I decided to buy a bunch of new ones from The Flaming Candle when I was testing 6006 and it just so happened that the ones I picked had piss poor HT so I thought I had problems with the wax, you just gotta test test and test. The wax part has too many variables in it, depends what you want out of a candle. I started out with 464 a long time ago, I hated it for several reasons, but I was able to figure out what more I wanted out of a wax to decide on my next one. For me, it was something I could never get exactly what I wanted so I basically spent thousands on dollars on nothing but knowledge. I can pour a good safe candle now and understand the process, but I find melts are a lot better for HT and a lot safer, so I stuck with those.
  4. I'm up for the candles having some flaws like wet spots, at the end of the day they are only gonna come back again when the temps mess with the glass lol. The mushrooming thing though, just can't deal with it as bad as it is in 6006, burns too hot compared to the other waxes I use. That's true, it does mushroom less but it's still too much to deal with when I get better results from other parasoys. Problem is, I can't even avoid all these issues by using wooden wicks over cotton etc because it burns so hot, the flame is erratic after a short time with little control no matter what size you use. As you probably already know, blends with more soy are a lot more stable (like 50/50), or even Problend paraffin on it's own isn't so hot and cures faster with the scents I use so I think I should just drop the old ball and chain from this wax now lol. The only thing I like about it is I can get away with using less FO. If the wicks weren't such an issue I would have settled on the apothecary jars with double zincs, I made one along with the JJ with LX that you suggested the other week and it's a decent performer minus the major mushrooms (tried it with 44/24, 44/32, and 51). I use that, and Joy wax at the moment. I'm still experimenting with more straight paraffins. Wasn't impressed with 4630, gonna give 4627 a try next I think.
  5. Just following up with my results after testing this. You're absolutely right 6006 does benefit from leaving it longer than a couple days, and the wick size you suggested was pretty much bang on right. Unfortunately it mushroomed like crap after the first hour at only 6% load, and did it the same with some other FO's I use too. I take my hat off to anyone who has found a wick that gives good HT and doesn't mushroom bad with 6006, I couldn't do it after spending months testing it, I'll be sticking with my other parasoy blends. Thanks for everyone's suggestions!
  6. Right, around the wick is the norm with 6006. Your containers also play a part in it, if you're using glass and you heat it first then you get better glass adhesion and less holes providing you also let them cool slowly.
  7. It looks like a horrible monster from Stranger Things or something, I absolutely hate it, but the zincs don't flop over and they have a nice controlled flame in paraffin so I end up going back to them for that kind of wax now and just deal with it. I was big on using wooden wicks in paraffin recently as there is no mushrooming, the HT was decent and fast FMP, but it's difficult to get a decent controlled flame, it gets really annoying trimming the wick to 'exact' measurements.
  8. I've only really had bad sinkholes in 6006, the other waxes are minor heat gun fixes usually. I let them set on some cardboard or in a box away from A/C and I don't have that problem often anymore apart from with wooden wicks, they are the worst for this type of thing. If I was selling them though, I'd totally be stabbing every candle with a kebob skewer all the way down around the wick just because my OCD would be tripping.
  9. I really like this scent a lot, at 9% in 6006 I got a very nice CT, but just a very average HT with HTP's. Got a slightly better HT in Joy Wax with CD wick after curing for 2 weeks.
  10. Wick: medium booster wood wick Wax: ProBlend 400 (paraffin) Container: 8oz tin FO Load: 8% Cure: 1 week CT 6/10 HT 6/10 At 7% it wasn't one of the strongest I've tested recently, I'd probably go 9 or 10% next time, but it still had a slightly above average throw. Wasn't too crazy about it OOB but it turned out pretty nice in a candle.
  11. Wick: medium booster wood wick Wax: ProBlend 400 (paraffin) Container: 8oz tin FO Load: 10% Cure: 1 week CT 8/10 HT 8/10 Definitely a nice version from NG, was a pretty solid performer too, nothing to write home about but it's still got some decent throw.
  12. Wick: medium booster wood wick Wax: ProBlend 400 (paraffin) Container: 8oz tin FO Load: 10% Cure: 1 week CT 10/10 HT 10/10 I thought this scent smelled horrible, both OOB and in a candle. But..... DAMN....the HT was insane, literally from a 8oz tin I could smell it 3 rooms away.
  13. Wick: medium booster wood wick Wax: ProBlend 400 (paraffin) Container: 8oz tin FO Load: 10% Cure: 1 week CT 8/10 HT 7/10 Wasn't too sure about this OOB, but once made into a candle it's quite nice! Not crazy strong but still worthy.
  14. Wick: medium booster wood wick Wax: ProBlend 400 (paraffin) Container: 8oz tin FO Load: 10% Cure: 1 week CT 10/10 HT 10/10 This is one of those scents that throws like a mofo for me, and it's very nice too. Definitely recommend it.
  15. Wick: Premier 760/765 Wax: IGI6006 Container: 8oz tin FO Load: 10% Cure: 2 week CT 8/10 HT 1/10 This is an amazing OOB scent, I love it, but it didn't throw worth a crap in 6006 for me.
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