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  1. That’s interesting I’ve got literally every single wick types except those LOL, will have to give them a go.
  2. I just ordered all 3 to try out, I can't get this latest 6006 to wick properly at all, nothing will self-trim, looking forward to trying out the new stuff!
  3. I used 4627 for quite a while, whenever I tried double or triple wicking it would cause too many issues burning the bottom section of the candles. Worked great in tins with a single wick but that was about it, any jars I had to add soy or i'd get drowning wicks or smoke and soot even with low FO loads.
  4. I like everything better about melts. The throw, no flames to worry about.
  5. I totally get ya, that's why I kinda liked wooden wicks, almost no maintenance, but even with priming they still won't start the burn right all the time. I look at it like this... When CD is too big, I go to the small sizes of HTP like 41,52,62. They don't burn as hot so it's less HT, but that's the trade-off you make. Sometimes with some scents it works out better than way it's just a crapshoot like always, gotta just test each fragrance to figure it out.
  6. I'm either gonna have to drop the fragrance load a bit back to 6 or 7, or find a CD2 wick. It's getting a bit smoky towards the bottom. Not that it's unusual for a candle to do that, I just like it to be best as it can be.
  7. Yeah, that's what I ended up with. I re-tested the small HTP's 52/62 and it seems the best choice for a stable flame in a small jar. I always thought CD would work better for this kind of wax but even a CD3 the flame was too big.
  8. I've never made a candle where the wick can perform the same trimmed or untrimmed, it's one or the other, and it's pretty obvious what is the better choice lol. I'd burn it all the way down untrimmed and see how it goes.
  9. Funny I'm testing the exact same wick in a 6006 jar too, except mine is a bit smaller diameter, it's a flint jar like B&BW. I see people all the time using way bigger CD wicks and now it makes sense. They must be trimming them after every burn and not burning for long periods of time, there's just no other way they can work. I just started the CD3 off at 1/2 inch before lighting and looks good so far, I'm just over half way down. 8% FO load, 1 drop of dye.
  10. If I'm using HTP then I have to leave it longer, or the burn just messes up. CD / Eco etc I have to start at 1/4 or a bit shorter.
  11. I was using them as-is, no wick inside. I only use the booster variety now in .03 thicknesses and up because they're the only types that consistently stay lit and don't mess up. The spirals are basically just bigger versions of the tubes, I tested them and even with their own coco soy wax the flames were huge, total fail I don't know why they bothered.
  12. Thanks for the heads up, that's disappointing to hear. The guys from Northwoods use Eco 8-10 with a 9% FO load in a 3" status. When I tried that it was a joke, I can't believe that's their go-to formula. I think I'm gonna just have to stick with the Wooden Wick Co Coconut Soy and wooden wicks, it just works when you get it right. Shame really because I like the way coconut83 / northwoods throws with the softer fragrances, there's no way I'm gonna mix it, so I'll have to drop it if I can't get anything else to work. Thanks again.
  13. It seems like everything goes fine until I get a couple burns in then everything decides to mushroom or flames just don't stay tame. The Paper core wicks are almost passable, they mushroom but they fall off and the wick keeps going, maybe I'll try a size up and down. I tried wooden wicks and even they weren't working consistently after priming. I just need something to work that's self-trimming.
  14. I think this is the first wax I've ever used where I can't wick it, no series burns consistently in it for me so far. I've tried CD, Eco, RRD, LX, Premier, HTP, Paper Core..... I'm at a loss now. I love the way this coconut gives hot throw, it's unlike anything I've used before. But I can't wick the damn stuff. Cottonwood works okay if you trim it but nothing is consistent. I don't want to blend it with anything I need to use it 'as is'. Anyone else out there that uses this stuff that can at least give me a hint? (I've been testing in the 3" diameter paint can tins)
  15. I don't think I've ever smelled a candle with EO's where the scent is overwhelming, it's usually weak as piss compared to FO's. Plus I don't like the fact that there's a lot of talk about certain EO's letting off toxic fumes when they burn. I'd rather stick to FO that's made to be burned. This whole 'all natural' thing that people keep trying to go for is not really the safe-haven they think it is.
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