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  1. I don't use that wax anymore because I couldn't get over the weird smell it has when burning (and the cure times were drastic with some scents), but when I did, I used to use CD10 mostly for a 8oz tin, which is about 3". But obviously FO's are gonna play a big part in what size will work best. I did not have much luck with other wick series.
  2. Somebody gave me a candle with a wooden wick, it's a .02 thick 1/2 inch wide wick in a 8oz tin and it literally burned from top to bottom without trimming or any kind of attention. All I could find out is that it's a parasoy but nothing further. I know it's not 6006 or problend 600, I couldn't find any others in my stash of waxes, and all I could find online is CBL130, are there any others out there?
  3. Permatex Red High Temp RTV Silicone, even with a pair of pliers you're have a hard time getting that tab off once it's set. I just use wick stickers now because I don't pour at high temps, but if I did I'd be using the RTV.
  4. I have one of those tabletop hotplates that I set on a lower temp to stop it dropping dramatically if I need to, I think the whole 'burn off' thing is a bit overblown though unless you're heating past the 200's. I've not had issues with fragrances not binding as it cools apart from 1 time, was a vanilla, had to keep that up to like 190 the whole time. If you're using cotton wicks then backing off the FO percentage like Forrest suggested would help with the temp, and would be better burning. The scents I use are typically quite weak so I have to go balls to the wall on fragrance load and because I use wood wicks it doesn't change the burn characteristics much. I'm testing 2 of those lab co waxes at the moment and they are very nice, but I'll probably stick with 4627 just because of the beast hot throw and ease of use.
  5. Just out of curiosity, if you've used wood wicks for years and nailed the sizing, why would you want to switch over to cotton?
  6. That's the thing, there's room for someone to go on YT and set the record straight, but anyone who makes great candles doesn't want to put their valuable knowledge and techniques online like that for people to just copy it. That's why the whole candle making thing on there is always going to be toxic like that and people will believe it's the right way to do things because of his following. He's a genius if you think about it, he doesn't show how to make a decent or safe candle, but is going to make many thousands of $$$ by doing workshops all over the country showing his methods lol.
  7. If you thought that video was good, watch the one where he talks about curing time being BS. He generalizes everything too much on some unique situations, if he's getting a good scent throw with 464 after a day or 2 then he's obviously got a very lucky selection of FO's.
  8. Here's one I found from my dodgy batch of 6006, that is a CD12 wick believe it or not and the first burn was for 6 hours, the others were shorter and I could see it just wasn't having it so I threw it aside. I've never needed a wick that kinda size before and the HT was a bit weird too. Used up my newest slab from TFC with much smaller CD / LX and was burning just fine. I'm glad I don't use it anymore lol.
  9. This did happen to me recently, and I even tested it again just to be 100% sure with the same fragrance. 2 different slabs of 6006, same containers, same LX 16 wicks, one burned as usual, no problem at all, other one wouldnt even reach FMP, in the 8oz JJ, and I'm not talking about a little bit of hang, this was a lot more. I thought it was just me and my luck since most other people who have been using it for years say they've not noticed anything different and I just didn't get along with it very much. Now I just use 4627 or Joy Wax depending on how I want to wick it and had no issues yet.
  10. Wood, this type : https://www.northwoodcandlesupply.com/collections/candle-wicks/products/sample-pack-dual-wood-wick Not the Premiums, they're too thick for 6006. I couldn't get a regular wick to burn worth a crap in anything bigger than a 8oz JJ with 6006 (as you already know lol), the wood is all I could use. Plus it's a lot easier testing wood you get a FMP quicker, not gambling on waiting for 2 or 3 burns hoping you'll get one in bigger vessels. And if you wanted to get really technical you could cut the wick thinner towards the bottom so it doesn't burn as hot. Can't do that with a regular wick!
  11. Lol... no kidding. I made some melts with it not long ago and had to literally smash it with a hammer to break it down. Has a beast HT though!
  12. I've tried the twist and it did work for me, but you have to be careful not to twist too hard or the wick will come out of the tab. The closest foodie scent I had tested in 4630 was Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow and HTP was burning just fine.
  13. Thanks everyone for your input, I settled pretty quickly on 4627 after some tests. I absolutely hate the wax consistency and wicking is still a pain but with wood and HTP's it's doing pretty good so far. Almost got the 'take no prisoners' HT I wanted, but I still prefer my melts!
  14. Thanks for your input Much appreciated. Haven't tried any BCN FO's yet, I'll give those a shot soon.
  15. I don't know what I was thinking and I know better, I'm embarrassed I even made this post. I had tested other waxes like 464 for a very long time before 6006 and I was really convinced I must be doing something not quite right because him and his FB group were all making their candles the same way lol. I'm not usually that gullible. I was under some weird impression this wax was a completely different beast, and it is, but not in the way I thought originally. I ended up moving onto other paraffins because the mushrooming and wick fussiness was too much effort when it isn't my favorite wax. On top of that, the last slab I tested actually had better HT, weird. I haven't been using it for years so I don't know how consistent it's been over a long span of time but I did read a lot of people complaining about the same thing. If there's any newbies to candle making reading this, DO NOT BELIEVE THE YOUTUBE CANDLE MAGICIANS, listen to Laura and be careful what you watch! lol.
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