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  1. I'd be writing for hours if I explained everything I have discovered by testing all that. But I'll tell you right now with the recent batches of IGI paraffin type waxes if you don't add it hot you're going to have problems unless the FO just happens to be one which will throw in anything at any temp. I don't know exactly what they've been doing to the waxes lately but they are more stubborn. It's not too hot, give it a try, and if you don't get a good throw after that then I'd look into other things like how long you're stirring in the FO, and the wicks you're using. Wicking is a whole nother
  2. If it's bouncing around I don't care, but if it's doing it to the point where the flame is almost pulsing and you can see black smoke, that's when I blow it out and rip the wick out.
  3. Sounds to me like you're not adding the FO at proper temps. To rule this out, add the FO at 190 and give the candles a few days to cure. Those 2 waxes rarely have issues throwing.
  4. I don't like this stuff now after burning a few, I get better results with 6006 and HTP wicks. It looks amazing, and the cold throw is great, but I don't like the way it burns at all, and the flames seem too jumpy and flickery in 8oz JJ's. The small CSN 7 wicks remind me of the small HTP's where you can't trim it to literally 1/4 inch at the start or you'll just get a puny flame for hours and hours until it breaks in, has to be longer. They do self-trim very well though, I'm impressed with that aspect. The hot throw is just not there for me either, if I don't get a good throw after
  5. Decided to light a couple after 3/4 days and I can't smell anything. The wicks are burning great, I can see why most people use the CSN's with this wax, but there's no hot throw. I thought this wax didn't really need more than a couple days? The cold throw is slammin', no problems there. (I added 6% FO at 200F and poured at 200).
  6. Only CandleScience are going to be discontinuing them, you’ll still be able to get them from several other places. Only problem is they had to change the materials they’re made from, so if you already have your ‘formula’ down with HTP wicks then you gotta test all over again.
  7. I even poured a 8oz tin with palm which I heard is the biggest mistake ever, but I'll give anything a shot once lol.
  8. Just smelled the CT on my testers... holy jesus... they are crazy strong, very nice. Dying to burn them but gonna leave them for another 5 or so days as I've heard anything sooner is a bad idea with palm if you're trying to wick test. I didn't know exactly how bad the air pockets can be until I cracked the top on one as it was setting, it's no joke, now I understand why people flip them. The glass adhesion is a bit iffy in a couple of spots, but hopefully I'll be able to get it down better next time. I couldn't notice any burned off notes in the fragrances either after
  9. I don’t have much experience with palm yet, just got some Glass Glow and CSN wicks to play with, if it works good in 8oz jelly jars then I’m just gonna use that from now on. Does seem a bit easy, I’m waiting for the ‘catch’ to reveal itself, there’s always something not quite right.
  10. I have some GG coming in later this week (from Aztec), I'll let you know if it looks like yours.
  11. I'd do what TallTayl said, play with all the different sizes and types and see what you like. The sample pack they sell is good for that. I have a huge amount of experience with wooden wicks and my number 1 piece of advice would be to ignore anything the Wooden Wick Co says or tells you, they do not know what they are doing. Since you're using soy wax, you should be able to find something that works reasonably well, just don't expect perfection because they are very inconsistent and stay away from the dual wicks they are causing so many problems that some suppliers don't even want
  12. If you are making candles that are religiously trimmed after every burn then it's easier to find a wood wick to fit the cause, but if you're trying to get a clean burn that you can leave for multiple hours without problems then that's where it get's dodgy. Everyone has different opinions on what is good enough for them, so don't let me completely deter you, you can always get the sampler pack from The Wooden Wick Co and see how it goes. Just don't take them too seriously because there is only so much that they will do.
  13. It's always ended up differently for me depending on the wax and container, sometimes evenly spaced between the wicks to the container walls has worked, sometimes I've had to place the wicks in a tighter triangle, it's a trial and error thing really. I've never been able to get a nice clean burn the bottom part of a triple wick unless I'm using something with heavy soy, stuff like 6006 and paraffin get's too dirty for me no matter how hard I try. A typical example of what I used to use is CBL-130, I've gotten many flawless burns from that wax with multiple wicks.
  14. You don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.... it takes a LOT of testing and messing around to get familiar with them. There used to be some decent wood wicks around before The Wooden Wick Co shut them down. Now we are stuck with their crap because they hold the patents. Some thicknesses and types are ‘acceptable’ under the right circumstances and waxes, but most are just a waste of time because of how inconsistent they burn. If you use soy wax or heavier soy blends they are easier to get something going, but paraffin / parasoy is just a nightmare.
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