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  1. Seems like it, I'm not surprised though because it is the 'hot thing' at the moment as far as luxury expensive waxes go and it's really hard to find, gotta chase that $$$.
  2. I was under the impression that CandleWic were just reselling the wax, but after the things I've heard about it lately it sounds like they really are making their own version of it these days. Did it come in 10lb slabs or the 5lb cakes?
  3. And that's the smart thing to do, melts are just warming the oils which is totally fine, but 'burning' them in a candle is not the same. You have to make sure that the oils you're using are okay to burn in a candle because some of them can be toxic. I wouldn't know where to tell you a good vendor is because I don't see the point in using them, fragrance oils for candles are so much better.
  4. I don't have any from CandleWic, mine is from Calwax. I've not noticed any differences apart from the usual from batch to batch. Slight wick size change, bit iffy with hot throw with some fragrances, still smooth tops. I'd try pouring hotter and see if it helps at all.
  5. ErronB


    It pours good, not hard to wick, hot throw is average. Needs a high fragrance load to wick with sensible sizes. Melt point isn’t that great for shipping. Very expensive. I liked the Ceda Serica better (coconut apricot). There are so many waxes out there and it’s a very personal preference, so it’s always worth trying new ones out yourself to see what you think.
  6. They are from The Wooden Wick co, the same every other supplier here get's them from now. They hold the patent for them here in USA so nobody else can sell their own. That's why all the good ones disappeared and we are stuck with their junk. It's easy to tell they are from the Wooden Wick Co because of the booster strip in the middle, I never saw anyone else do that.
  7. They're the same as any other fragrance oil supplier to me, lots of duds but sometimes you find some gold. I do think they're on the lower end of the quality scale, though. I don't get a massive hot throw from their oils unless it's a scent that is very potent (like some of the dupes).
  8. I had that problem with Problend one time, I told The Flaming Candle about it and sent pics and they refunded me. I'm not saying they'll do the same, but it's worth telling them because after dealing with them for years I've never had a problem unsolved with those guys, you never know, they're very helpful and act like they actually care. I'm assuming that's where you got it seeing as it's their brand
  9. ^^^This. I don't think I've ever wasted as much time on anything in my lifetime as I did with wooden wicks. Soy wax is definitely the easiest to use with wooden wicks, but they are never consistent so if you're looking to spend time perfecting it you're wasting your time. If you're making them just for something fun then they are definitely interesting to play with. I'd just go for the sampler pack they have so you can try them all out and see what you think.
  10. Essential oils are not a good idea for candles, you'll end up using a ton to 'maybe' get an acceptable hot throw which is very expensive and some of them are toxic when burned in a candle. Stick to fragrance oils intended for candles
  11. CandleScience were fast in refunding me for the amount of damaged ones after seeing pictures, and included the shipping cost so if I wanted to buy more I'd not be out of anything (very cool). Aztec were a little bit slow responding, but they sent me replacements which I thought was weird I thought they just gave you a credit instead. Not that that is a bad thing usually, but I know in the replacements I'm gonna have more defective ones and it will end up just going round in circles again. I'm hoping this 'Arkansas Glass' place is just a temporary solution for the short
  12. For a small jar, I just leave it in a small room and close the door for an hour or so then see if I can smell it when I walk back in. For a multi-wick candle I better be able to at least smell it in any size room, ideally from multiple rooms away (in a regular house, not a mansion, lol) If I want a really strong throw I just use a wax melt, i prefer the way the scents smell compared to a flame. Sometimes I like the smell of Target's candles, but whenever I burn them the hot throw is pathetic. But people still buy them all the time, baffles me.
  13. Just don't get too attached with the CBL waxes if you try them out, if they send you a messed up batch they won't help you... even if it's blatantly their fault. Seeing as they make the wax themselves it's not like a regular supplier where they are just the middle-man, they should take responsibility for it. Happened to me with a load of the 130, never again. I do still use the 129 for melts occasionally, that stuff has an absolutely killer hot throw, but it's all paraffin so it's not a huge surprise.
  14. If the shortage problems keep happening then yeah that’s probably the way to go about it. I actually tried some of Calwax’s latest lot of Ceda Serica, I’m impressed. The annoying thing is they just raised their price again to suppliers. I don’t know if it’s quite worth it.
  15. If you're comparing 464 to EC26, then EC26 blows it out the park in every way possible, but you're really paying for it cost-wise. I don't think the hot throw is anything to write home about but it's still decent and burns pretty clean, it doesn't need a long cure time and it pours very nice with no effort. Wicking it I used to use Eco and CD. Some of the small sizes, not even close to what 464 uses. It does have a small amount of food grade paraffin, and so does the other calwax blend the Ceda Serica (coconut apricot). I would say try some Coco83 or something if you had to go all
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