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remaming scents...do you have to?


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I am not sure about the TM ones, but I think the TM would mean their fragrance is Trade Marked, not the name. Not sure though, so I would call The Scent Works and ask them if is OK to use the scent name. Hope this helps. Let us know what you find out!

This is not true TM means that they have applied for a trade mark on the name and you can not use it. If it has a R behind it that means the trade mark has gone through and legally they own that name and you can not use it.

Here is the link to see if a name is trade marked http://www.uspto.gov/ and how it is trade marked in some cases. Some times you can use a trademarked name if the trade marked is for donuts you could then apply for the trade mark to use on candles. Also some thing to remember just because you start using a name doesn't mean you will always be able to use it. Some one could come alone and trade mark it and then you will no longer be able to use it. Yankme candle is famous for trade marking names then sending out letters telling you to stop using the name.

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