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Seasonal Time?


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You can carry some Valetine's stuff, year round. You'll sell a little here and there. Guys will buy some of this type of stuff for birthdays, anniverseries, etc. Having it all year round means people will know you're going to have it.

A couple of thoughts: people are creatures of habit, they like to stay with what they know. Men tend to be last minute shoppers, they'll be looking for V-day gifts on the 13th. Time will be short, so they'll be looking at places they KNOW will have what they want.

I'd want to make sure I had some V-Day stuff on the table for any show, from Jan 14 on. Your production capabilities, predicted sales and show dates will dictate when you start ramping up production. Extra stock can be sold off slowly, during the rest of the year. I'd start pouring now, if I were gonna do any shows, in the next 6 weeks.

I'd have wanted to have some hearts and such, before Xmas, so lots of people would know I had that sort of thing.

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To me mid January would be best.Seems like people are just getting over the Christmas and New Year celebrating and not ready to think about Valentine's Day.Have you ever noticed or realized they wait till the day of or day before to get the special card or gift.I know my husband would stop on his way home from work.

I will say if someone is getting for a daughter, son, grandkids(not living in their household) they may shop or order earlier.


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