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Question for those that wrap MP in "plastic wrap"


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Where / how / and with what.... do you put the label(s) on it?

I'd like to leave the front side of the soap visible, that's why I(we) spend so much time on designs and such lol.

I wrap in pro style cling wrap, but the back looks horrible. I thought about placing just a sticky label on it covering where I close it all up, but I've tried and tried to make it look nice and not as lumpy, to no avail.

Anyone care to share how they do this ? I'd like to put everything on one label, on the back, I don't care what type of label it is, adhesive, stock, whatever.. and leave the front so you can see through it.

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I just watched it! Thanks so much. I was afraid the cling wrap wouldn't work but I guess it will if you're careful enough! Again, thanks so much. You just saved me a lot of headache because I've looked at these things trying to figure out how to make them smoother, til I have a headache ! Isn't it so weird... most times the most simple solutions are right in front of you, if you'd just back up and re-look!

I feel dumb now LOL

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