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Looking for stronger throw for some oils


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Hi everone! I have been reading and reading... now I took the plunge and registered! LOL

I have a few scents that I love- but have a very weak throw. If you have success with these scents, can you tell me where you get them from- thanks! This is for soy.

*Green Apple (either the apple OR the candy smelling one)


*Cinnamon Vanilla (mine has much more cinnamon than vanilla- looking for a good vanilla throw)

*Any kind of coconut- right now I have a coconute cream pie that isn't quite what I am looking for

*Sugar Cookie

*Vanilla Hazelnut

*White Cake (or any cake)

Thanks everyone!!!


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I use a soy/paraffin blend and use a couple of suppliers that select their scents based on their performance in soy (www.scentedbean.com and www.ascentshop.com). They've performed well for me. I've noticed that almost every fragrance oil supplier I use does some sort of testing in soy. You may want to also try doing a search on this board for more info to help you find what you're looking for.

As for the scents you mentioned.....Peaks has a really lovely vanilla hazelnut. I heard BCS has a really great sugar cookie. Natures Garden and KY have an awesome coconut cream pie (they smell the same to me-just delicious!). Vanilla Buttercream Crunch is absolutely outstanding from Just Scent. Buttercream Frosting from Day Star is just to die for; my all time favorite frosting scent.

Good luck and Happy New Year!


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