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Got my oils, so excited!


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Went to Wal-Mart tonight, and got almost everything I need to try CPHP soap. I got:

Distilled Water


Soybean Oil

Safflower Oil

Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Canola Oil


Crockpot (a tiny 2 qt. one)

Loaf Baking Tray and Pam

Wooden spoons

Measuring cup

Rubbermaid pitcher

Mixing bowls

Dust mask, gloves, & goggles for lye

And all I'm missing (I think) is the lye. I have to go to Lowe's later today and see if I can find some. I can't wait!!! Eeeeee! So excited.

Unfortunately I have to work today, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to make some soap.

Generally, how long is the cooking process for the crock pot method & 1 lb. of soap? I'm guessing about 45 minutes to an hour? If so, I may be able to get some soap made before work today. :D

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That is so cool. Crockpot isnt really that hard (I have only done it twice myself but it was fairly easy) Just dont walk away from the pot for too long otherwise it kinda bubbles over I had that happen to me the first time around:tongue2: . I have a question for you though...what is the crayons for? Post some pics for us when you are done!! And have fun!!


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I absolutely agree about the crayons.

I have seen people mention they use crayons to colour their soaps and it just seems so silly! Melt and pour soap and cold process soap I believe is a really different thing........Cold process soap was meant to be natural and I don't think people would like the idea of crayons in their soap. I know it's just a wax, but there are so many other options to colouring your soap!

Cocoa, tumeric, paprika, beet root powder and so much more.

This is only an opinion of mine. I am not stating that my opinion is right.

Let us know how it all goes..............I love pictures of soaps...........:wink2:

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Wanting to add,,,a dust mask wont keep you from inhaling chemicals,,I use the ones with Coal in it,,you can get these in the paint section @ Wal-Mart and they are made to keep chemicals out,,,HTH

Oh and I agree on not using the crayons unless you wanna draw a pretty picture,,,

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The reason I am using crayons is because this will be my very first batch of soap, and I'm only using what I can get locally right now. It won't be sold, and I'll be the only one using it, so I'm not worried about an ingredients list. And I don't mind if it's un-natural. As long as it's safe, colors the soap, and doesn't color the washcloth, it'll work for now.

Anyway, I don't have an extra $15 or $20 to buy dye online yet, so I'm just using what I have available. I have food coloring as well, but I'm pretty sure that won't work.

And I finally got my lye from Lowe's, but I have to be at work in 45 minutes, so I guess the soap will have to wait until tomorrow. :(

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Well, here I am at 3:45 am, making soap. *lol* Or trying to rather...

Something is wrong here... :( What happened? I reached a very thin trace, then it went to "applesauce" and it's pretty much stayed there for 2 hours (except for the burnt soap at the edges of the pot). It never thickened up. Could it be because I am hand stirring?

Here's how it looks:


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Also as far as the crayons go, you can get some liquid dyes for soaps at place like Micheals and Joanne Fabrics, they arent as good as other suppliers but they are better than crayons. I mean just try play around with, just starting out that is.



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Unfortunately, I don't have any craft stores in my area. Heck, the closest Wal-Mart is 20 miles away, so I don't really have many options. If Wal-Mart doesn't have it, then I can't get it locally. *lol* I'm in a very small town.

I think I'll get some of the soap dye chips from eBay. It's overpriced (3 chips for $1), but it'll work. :smiley2:

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