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  1. I love BCN's. It's "knock the windows out of your house" strong :smiley2: . Jen
  2. I personally like Snowtops - definitely cut back on it or headache central (very very strong). Jen
  3. And see I think colored candles are tacky and the creamy white of uncolored is classic and upmarket. Go figure. We're all different! Jen
  4. I'm a nekid soaper too. I'm not good with flowery words but to me, there's nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous bar of nekid soap. I don't get freaked out by germs though... Jen
  5. I have excellent luck with KY's Southern Vanilla in every wax I've tried it in. Jen
  6. Also - on #3 - yes you can add something else. Since you find fco dry and jojoba greasy (ie non-drying), why not combine the two and do 50% fco and 50% jojoba? So your formula might look like this... 37.5% fco 37.5% jojoba 25% fo Or whatever percentages you want.... Jen
  7. re the % being for larger amounts...not true. A 1/3 oz roller bottle will contain .33oz (or so) Lets say I'm doing 75% fco and 25% fo .33 * 75% = .2475 oz .33 * 25% = .0825 oz .2475 + .0825 = .33 oz The nice thing about working in percentages is you can size your recipe up or down very easily! Jen
  8. My MIL is allergic to soy and my soy candles make her quite sick. Jen
  9. Thanks, everyone! You all have given some excellent ideas! I'll be testing more this week and am certain it's going to go smoother . Jen
  10. Thanks you guys! I typically use 7.5% fo load with J50. I know, I know..but I've tested J50 a ton and have tested all my faves from 6%, 7.5%, to 9% and am always disappointed at 6% (throw - again - fo dependent) and very happy at 7.5% so 7.5% is my norm to begin testing an fo (9% was way back when - don't ever go that high anymore (with J50)). Had a helpful pm that mentioned holding my wax at a higher temp longer (which is in keeping with what you're saying) and I do agree that the Pyrex is cooling down too quick so will try my metal pour pot (like being able to see the wax which is why I've
  11. Grrrrrr. I poured some J50 testers last night (haven't poured J50 in awhile) and had a tough time incorporating some of the fos into the wax. First ran into a problem with TCS Warm Orange Gingerbread (or whatever it is) - it's a heavy orange fo and it continued from there. I poured mostly TCS fos last night (Cinnamon Frosting, etc) which was my first experience with them (but I don't think that's necessarily the problem). I also had problems with NG's Hot Orange Danish and RE's Celtic Moonspice. I just couldn't get things to incorporate! My procedure is to heat wax in Presto and decant int
  12. I'm another that lives dangerously and don't stir...always think to myself that I need to remember to do it and then forget...
  13. When I was using this wax, I tested ecos, htps, cds, and zinc (and maybe a few others - notes are at home) and found that everything smoked and mushroomed horribly for me except the zincs so that became my wick of choice for this wax. Jen
  14. I think the only one that's made me gag is Daystar's Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies (or whatever that one is) - I know it's a fave of many but blech! Florals give me a headache but I can at least pour them. Jen
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