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Dimensions on a 2 lb. Wax Melting Pot

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I just purchased what is supposed to be a 2lb Wax Melting Pot, however it appears to be a mini melting pot. i.e. it is only holding 1 1/2 lb of unmelted wax. Is there anyone here that has a 2lb pot?

I have a 4lb pot, which is great.

So if anyone could give me the dimensions on the 2lb pot or alternatively the dimensions on a mini pot.

Thanking you


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Be very careful about volume items that list weight as the size.

Weight (pounds / ounces) are almost always based on the weight of water. Water weighs more than oil/wax.

I'm sure your pot will hold 2 pounds of water. But since you want to use a lighter fluid (wax), you will find that when you fill the same volume, you have less weight. Thus the 1.5 pounds of wax in a 2 pound water pot.

Very few sellers will make this distinction and some even unscrupulously sell their water weight volume devices specifically to wax buyers who are unsuspecting that they are not getting what they think.

i know some here want to patronize me for being accurate. It makes the difference between honest dealings and fraud. You are the victim of the latter methinks, unless they clearly stated that the pot was based on water weight and warned you about buying it for wax weight.

Do your research. You know now that volume is different between water and wax for the same weight which is why you are now asking for dimensions. I figure about 20 percent more in volume to be safe.

This reminds me of my aviation days. A gallon of water weighs different from a gallon of fuel. When calculating Jet A, JP1, P2, Av100 etc, the numbers had to be correct or the machine would not fly like expected.

Water weighs: approx. 8.35 lbs depending on temp and altitude and pressure.

Jet fuel, which is more the weight of candle wax, weighs:

On a I.S.A. day (International Standard Atmosphere) which is 70 degrees F,@ Sea Level, Jet Fuel ( Jet A) weighs 6.75 lb. per US gallon.This weight varies as temperature changes. The only way to know the exact weight is to measure with a hydrometer, but 6.75 is a universally accepted number.

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I want to make one additional comment. The weight varies by temp. That's why you can fill a clamshell or oval cup or mould to the top and when it cools, you have to repour. When you repour, you are returning to the original volume (size) but your weight goes up. The cooler the pour, the less of this kind of weight/volume error.

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Sometimes I see the mini-pour pots described as 2 lb. and sometimes I see them described as 1.5 lbs. It makes no difference to me since I generally pour in 1 pound batches. I don't melt wax in them - I melt the wax in 9 lb. batches in a Presto and ladle the wax into the pour pots which are placed on my scale to weigh the amount of wax I am ladling. I put FO & dye into the pour pots first, place the pot on the scale (on top of a potholder to protect the scale from heat), and tare. Doing this in 1 pound pour batches makes doing the math very easy (ie. 1 oz. of FO pp, X# of drops of dye pp) ;) When making pillars, I often need more than 1 pound of wax, so I simply prepare as many of the mini-pots as needed to fill the pillar mold. The advantage of them is that they are light and do not require much wrist strength to get a smooth pour. I have trouble with the larger pour pots because of the weight, but I love the mini-pour pots. HTH :)

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I never thought to put the FO & dye in first!

Yep. Put the pot on the scale, tare, weigh in the FO, tare, put in the dye, stir and then you can even pre-warm the FO & dye right in the pour pot. When I am pouring several different FOs & colors, I prepare all the pour pots I will need first so as soon as I finish pouring one, the next one goes on the scale, tare, ladle wax, stir & pour. Makes it easy peasy. ;)

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