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Quick help please - Fragrance and Craft supply - Pink Sugar, Wild Sage, Clementine et

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Quick help please!!!

I have bought fragrance oils from Fragrance and Craft Supply (Sockmonkey) in the past and haven't had any problem.

But, I just bought some Ginger Flower and it seized immediately. I'm a pretty experienced soaper so, I made a few adjustments, lessened my water discount, soaped cooler etc.... and the same thing - immediate seize. Will NEVER soap that one again.

A friend bought some fragrances at the same time - Pink Sugar, Wild Sage, Clementine Blast, Lavender Vanilla and Autumn Jubilee.

She just soaped Pink Sugar and it seized immediately. She's got Wild Sage and Clementine mixed and ready to go but, she's scared.

I don't know what to tell her. I've always had great luck with sockmonkey's oils but, I'm scared too. I can't find any reviews of these fragrance oils. Does anyone have any experience with Wild Sage, Clementine Blast, Lavender Vanilla or Autumn Jubilee?

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Sorry Wild, have never used them but am very interested in how they work out for you. Pillar packaging has been a total pain in the **** for us and have been thinking of just shrink wrapping them too. Just wonder about the scent through the shrink wrap?? Anyways, sure someone will chime in here soon enough for ya =) Good Luck!

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