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Wicks for feather palm wax?

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My apologies for posting this thread since I know there are several threads on wicks being used for palm, but since Ive been through pages and pages, and the serch brings up OLD threads I figured one more wouldnt hurt LOL. I have mainly used GB 415 soy for my candles, but since I wanted to make tarts I have added feather palm to my inventory. Well of course with 415 soy you can't make pillars/votives I've decided to give pillars/votives a try. I researched several months ago, and it seemed like a lot used CSN's from candlescience. I'm assuming thats because majority bought their wax from them. Seeing how I will be buying my wax else where I didnt know if theres another wick I should be considering or if I should try out the CSN's. Any input/advice for a beginner would be appreciated. Like I said I've never tried pillars/votives so treat me like a child LOL

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The CSN and CDN series of wicks are specially treated to stand up to the acidic nature of palm waxes. There are a few other wicks that have the appropriate treatments (the NST2 treatment works), but I have found that the CSN's work best for me. The CDN's are supposedly excellent for palm, but I have never tried them and I do not know where to find them in smaller quantities since JBN went out of business. So I would say the CSN's are your best bet, especially since CandleScience has so many good FO's to add to your order! Yep, I'm an enabler...



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