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Bad Fragrance!

Acadian Girl

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Here's what I used:

CO 27%

Grapeseed Oil 2 %

Olive Oil 45 %

Palm Oil 26 %

The stearic acid value as per soapcalc is 4. On my first batch I didn't put in my fragrance because it looked grey when I mixed in the oils, lye & Utramarine Violet. Then the next day it was purple :) So I did the same batch again and added the ( Lavender) fragrance this time but it turn ugly as you can see the pic. Tonight

I did a third try, mixing my fragrance with some warm oils before adding it to the batch and doing this at a lower temperature. (100F). I still don't know why the second batch turned out that way...

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Did you use essential oils or FO. I made an organic lavender with lav EO, it looks just like your soap with fragrance. I made another batch for my regular line and used FO it is perfect, I don't get it. They were both colored with grape pop mica. Very strange.

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The crackle effect is probably from the stearic acid in the palm oil. It might have to do with the temperature at which you soaped. Or your palm might have separated at some point and what you used was higher in stearic than palm that is thoroughly mixed. It's an aesthetic issue primarily. The fragrance you used might also have had something to do with it.

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