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Wow WSP Bath Whip Base went way up in cost! Help

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Trying to find a FBB Base that is soft like this one, I've tried many that are really like butter not creamy at all.

Jodys soap and creations has the same base anyone ordered it from her price is far better

but I'm scared of what I will get

Or maybe there is a good soft and creamy one out there I'm not aware of

I just can't pay $55.0 for what was more like $33.00 not long ago

My mouth dropped to the floor I'd have to really increase my prices to pay that much

I'm getting so frustrated with WSP

They used to be a favorite one stop shopping, I'm willing to pay a bit more for one stop

but now I look at the FO's and I could throw up they are more costly than TSW

but no where near the quality.

Sorry I felt a need to rant

feeling better now LOL

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Now I'm feeling like I need to rant!!!!!!!!!!! Just started using that base and I had pd $33. for it. I may take a chance and order it from Jody. I've ordered the white buckets from Jody and as long as it is sealed, I think it's OK. Carole

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I've used the one from the Chemsitry Store and it's not like the one from WSP. I have a hard time with it getting it creamy. No matter how hard I beat it there still remains some little pieces of the base that doesn't blend in and I use a kitchenaide mixer. Still prefer the one from WSP. In fact, just had to order some and it almost killed me to do so!! When I used the one from the Chemistry Store, my customers could tell the difference and complained. Let me know if someone finds it elsewhere that's reliable.

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They've been "out of stock" for quite a while now..Aroma Haven that is. Wonder if they are even planning on bringing it back? May need to call them and find out. I know Brambleberry has one but it's my understanding it's the same type as what the Chemistry Store sells.

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Yes the chemistry store type is no good at all, your totally right thewickedwick

The only place i know of is Jody's, I've ordered from her before and the lids were not right they were off

like a bad batch and the bottles were not clean but I did get what I ordered.

But the lids were so off I could not use them they left a gap when screwed on

So I'm worried

Even from WSP sometimes I get a really good batch of the bath whip but I got a few bad batches that were hard and i couldn't get a nice fluffy bath whip with

the hard batch i got. They said to melt it I tried that it didn't work.

So my worry is the batch at jodys could be the hard stuff

I can't believe it went from $33 to $50 thats really a big jump I'm so angry

I may have to stop selling them I mean really

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I haven't tried it yet, but now I think I might! I have never used a foaming bath butter but since having my baby I have discovered a love of a relaxing bath, so this might be something to play with. Here is a link to her recipe, just scroll down to the heading titled Iron Chemist Results: SCI


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