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I have a customer who is begging me to find Tuscan Herb. After doing a search on here I found that it's an FOH scent now carried by Elements.

I've never ordered from Elements before though in the past I have used FO's from Flickers.

Can anyone suggest some must haves for pure soy??

Hate to buy just one sample!! LOL

Thanks so much for any help!!!


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Haven't used many of the FOH oils but I love Flickers oils. My favs are:

Tuscan Lace

Olive Blossom (being discontinued!:()

Red Tea

Bay Rum (the best BR I have found!)

Green Irish Tweed

Honey Patchouli (my best seller in both soap and candles)

Honey L'Occitane

Manuka Lavender Body Wrap

Iced Cherry Chip Cake

Pecan Pie

Pink Sugar

Rocky Mountains (formerly Christmas Pines)


Sea Island Grapefruit

Green Tea

Tropical White Musk

Vanilla Sandalwood

The only FOH FO that I have tried so far is the Bamboo Sugarcane and it was very week. But I will have to get around to trying some new ones out.

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I have the Tuscan Herb and it throws great in my parasoy (CBL130 from CW). Glad you have a buyer...I've only sold a few candles in this scent so it's another one I have put aside for tarts only. It's easier to talk someone into trying something new for the price of a tart rather than a $10. candle. lol

I 2nd Candybee's recommendation of Honey Patchouli. It's a great scent with a great throw in parasoy.

There are more from FOH that I use but off the top of my head I can't remember them now. I'm pretty sure it's FOH's Carrot Cake that I pour and it throws great too. Don't know if it's one of the oils that went to Elements when FOH went OOB.

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Even though it is spring..almost lol...i would highly recommend several that are more fallish/winterish too

Balsam & Citrus....LOVE this

Cranberry Ginger Spice tea


Kai...very spa ish

the ones candybee mentioned are great too.

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