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fun names for candles.....


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I have this idea for an AWESOME teacher I had years ago that goes to my church and is going to retire this May. I love, love, love her, and as a gift I want to make her some of my container candles (I use 4630 wax)

and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for quirky names. She is very fun loving and has a great sense of humor.

Names suggestions would be awesome along with any scents that throw great in my wax that you would pair with the name.

Thanks in advance :)

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I've never poured that wax, but I'll play the name game ...

Hot for Teacher ... cinnamon, maybe

Teacher's Pet ... thinking something perfume-y or maybe an apple scent

Hall Pass ... something masculine

Good Morning, Mrs. <teacher's name> ... coffee scent

New School Clothes ... Clean Cotton

Pep Rally ... thinking a food scent

Permanent Vacation ... something beach-y

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Teachers Rule! = CS MacIntosh Apple

The Dog Ate My Homework = fresh grass; puppy's breath; sandalwood

Prom Dance = Love Spell

Senior Ditch Day = Ocean, beach type

Principals Office = Fruit slices; monkey farts

Cheerleader = something citrus; lemongrass

Science Experiment = candle shop

Grading papers = cucumber melon

Chalkboard = baby powder; antique sandalwood

Spring Break = sex on the beach; pina colada

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