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Uhhhh and my kitties lol

I was attempting to set up to take some pics but they were soooo interested in what I was doing I just got one of the candles in the pic. But gives you an idea anyhow.

They were done using baby food jars, and the Baby Magic Scent. Everyone loved them and had to laugh because of the scent then of course they were blue cause it's a boy :)


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lol yep they always gotta be around. Right now I have my setup by a window so I hope they will go for the window instead of my area (table) And it's usually the black and white kittie that has to always see what moms up to :smiley2:

Yep the favors for the shower were great :) But it's not that easy finding identical baby jars lol

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Make sure the kitties help out. A cat without a real job is a tragedy in life.

Einstein chases bugs and helps labels in the printer. The bugs thing is her real job. When I adopted her from Animal Control, I told her that I'd feed her and pet her, and in return, she had to chase spiders and bugs. She agreed. We shook paws on it. 10 years later she's very skilled at her job and uses her spare time to check out the candle stuff.

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