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Necessary tools?

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So, I picked up a heat gun for some container candles and I was wondering on a couple other "tools" that I see on candle websites and wondering, if they are really needed. They are...

Digital Scale

Laser/infrared thermometers. We have a thermometer, but wondering if these are more accurate and worth the $20-30.

Thoughts on those two?

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Definately need the scale, all things are weighed in candle making. Liquid measures are a no-no. As far as the infrared themometer, some swear by them. I don't use one, but definately would if I had one. The are usually instant read and supposedly very accurate. Also you can take temps at different parts of melt pot and are less of a mess to use.

So yes on the scale, as long as it has an accuracy of at least 0.1 ounces and has a tare feature (and looks to be easy to clean up, it will get spilled on). And if you have the money, I would go for the infrared themometer, as long as it is decent quality.



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Thermometers are important to keep track of the wax temp while heating, adding additives, pouring temp, cooling temps, and of course letting you know when or if it overheats, etc. Anything from a cheap candy thermometer to a fancy digital model will work as long as its accurate. Its a matter of personal preference so choose what you like.

Digital scales are great because you want to accurately weigh your wax, FOs, additives, etc. Why a digital scale is a perfect choice is because you will want one that gives you weight in lbs, oz, and grams, and has a tare feature.

Heat guns come in handy for all kinds of crafting. But we do tend to use them for melting bits of wax off glass, pots, levelling messy candle tops or warming jars. Lots of great uses. My personal fav candlemaking tool.:smiley2:

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I'm thinking a harbor freight store, carries infrared thermometers for a good price...

Yep Harbor Freight carries the exact same ones I've seen on some candle suppliers sites. I got one when they had them on sale and had a coupon so I got mine cheap...however I have not really played with it yet.

Scales are a MUST, heat gun is another one I would agree with, a good thermometer. Another tool I would recommend if you don't have them are the wick centering do hickey's. You know the ones that sit on top of your jars as the candle is setting up to keep the wicks centered.

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