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wine soap (color and scent)


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I have some questions for those of you who make wine soaps. When you use dark wines do the soaps come out purple or brown?

And when you use lighter wines do they go dark or stay light.

Besides the scents that claim they smell like wine, what are some good scents to scent wine soap. I think the wine FOs smell like grape, not a big selling scent.

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Well as usual I guess I'll be stuck with a brown soap I was hoping I could get some colors like these https://www.vat19.com/dvds/wine-soap-gift-crate.cfm I found these on a wine soap search.

I like the idea of looking up the characteristicss of the wines and trying for a scent that matches.

I also like the sound of black raspberry vanilla. Where do you get yours icecold?

Pomegranate sounds good too. Sweet and crisp not too foody.

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