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As far as craft fairs, you could try doing a Google search of your state name plus craft fairs. I found several sites for Wisconsin that way. I also recommend Craftlister.com. They send out a nice newsletter with a lot of great tips. But, several of the larger shows in Wisconsin are not listed there, so I try to consult as many sources as possible.

I may also be able to help you out with the tart warmers. I am planning on putting in a wholesale order very soon for 240 warmers - which is way more than my business currently needs. I estimate my cost to be less than $1.50 each with shipping. I will post pictures, dimensions and prices in the classified section when I have them. You can buy them from me at my wholesale price, just pay whatever it costs to ship them to you. Check the classifieds section in about 3 weeks.


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My mistake. I should specify that what I am ordering are the ceramic, tealight-type wax potpourri melters/burners. Not the electric ones. I just wanted to clarify that.

By the way, what's the best price anyone has found on wholesale electric plate-style warmers? Levine carries them, but they are even more expensive than you can get them at Walmart.

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