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ISO Blackberry Croissant FO


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You're probably going to have to mix your own. I know that Backwoods has a Buttery Croissant FO (and it really does smell like a croissant!) and you could find a Blackberry or Blackberry Jam FO from somewhere. Do the q-tip test, dip a q-tip in each FO and put it in a jar or a plastic baggie. Close the container and let it sit for a while, then open and smell it to see if you need more of one FO or the other. If you use 2 q-tips (one of each FO) then you have a 50/50 FO mix, if you need two of the blackberry and one of the croissant then you'll have a 2/3 to 1/3 mix of the two oils.

Or you could try a Blackberry Pie or a Blackberry Cobbler FO to see if that would work for your customer.

Good luck! :)

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